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Mock Draft Muncher 2.0: The Houston Texans Sitting at #25

The Mock Draft Muncher has been updated, see who it has the Houston Texans selecting at #25 overall.

In this installment of the Mock Draft Muncher, we take a closer look at mock drafts from around the internet to see where analysts have the Houston Texans going at #25. The needs for the Texans are clear with the quarterback, offensive tackle, and cornerback positions requring attention heading into the NFL Draft. 

What do the analysts feel is the direction in which the Texans need to go? They are not too far off in regard to addressing what the Texans need. 

Mock Draft Muncher Version 1.0 Results (Read Here)

Third Place: Selected 4 Times

Garett Bolles, OT, Utah 

Despite concerns with his age (Bolles will be 26 by the start of the NFL season), and having played only one season of FBS football, Bolles is considered to have top end athletic ability. Most importantly, he has shown a mean streak which is needed to perform at the next level and he is considered by a safe pick for the most part. Bolles would be a plug and play offensive tackle for the right side, which would be a plus for addressing the Texans struggles at the position. 

Second Place: Selected 5 Times

Cameron Robinson, OT, Alabama 

Cam Robinson was tested in the SEC and started at left tackle for three seasons for the Crimson Tide. There is a good enough feel on how he would hold up against top end pass rushers with the talent that shows up in the SEC. Robinson would need to learn to play the right side and continue to hone his game but there is plenty to like about the 6'6", 322 lbs. offensive tackle. 

First Place: Selected 6 Times

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech 

The fan base wants a quarterback in the worst way and, if selected with this pick, Mahomes would be the only the second one taken in the first round in team history. Coming from a spread offense, there will no doubt be a steep learning curve for Mahomes to do the little things a quarterback needs to do: take a snap from under center, call a huddle, and develop the ability to process multiple reads in the passing game. His athletic ability and arm strength are not the issue and could help him beat that learning curve, but there is still some risk involved with a player like Mahomes. 

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