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Texans Notebook: The Houston Texans Have Had Internal Discussions on Colin Kaepernick

In this notebook: Florida's Pro-Day, Wes Welker's role defined for the Texans and Colin Kaepernick has been discussed by the Houston Texans.

Florida Pro-Day

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The Texans continue to be on the draft prowl and yesterday they attended Florida’s pro day with a special appearance from defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel. Vrabel helped run linebacker drills at the event and took time to talk more to safety Marcus Maye, with whom the Texans have had plenty of contact before interviewing at the NFL Combine. Also, Texans personnel took time to talk to defensive tackle Joey Ivie, who was also seen with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at the workouts. Ivie is thought of highly in coaching circles around the league and is considered a draftable prospect with some solid tools in his skill set.

Wes Welker’s Role 

Bill O’Brien has over the years kept in contact with Wes Welker after the two parted ways with the New England Patriots. O’Brien coached Welker in 2008 when he was the wide receiver coach for the Patriots and their relationship continued to grow over the years. Welker was trying to decide between coaching or continuing to play football and O’Brien was in the background, giving Welker insight into the coaching world. When Welker was ready to commit to coaching, O’Brien welcomed him with open arms. 

“He wanted to make a commitment to do it so we talked at the Senior Bowl, and he has come right in,” explained O’Brien. “He’s helping us on offense, he’s going to help us on special teams, breaking film down. He’s going to coach the returners. He’ll work a lot with the returners – punt returners especially – and obviously help us on offense with the receiver position. So, he’s done a good job just kind of fitting right in.”

Expect Braxton Miller and Tyler Ervin to be the focus of Welker's expertise when they hit the field during OTAs. 

Internal Discussions on Colin Kaepernick 

The Houston Texans continue to monitor the situation of the quarterback group on the market and in the NFL Draft. Bill O’Brien, in an appearance with Pro Football Talk, mentioned that the Texans have had internal discussions on free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick

It does not appear, at this exact moment, that the Texans are ready to sign any quarterback but O’Brien made it clear that Kaepernick’s name has come up in talks amongst the team. 

“We’ve watched him,” O’Brien said on Pro Football Talk. “Like I’ve said, we feel good about where we’re at right now with Tom (Savage) and Brandon Weeden, but we’ve watched him and discussed him. I think that’s a fluid situation as far as free agency goes, not just for Colin Kaepernick but for the teams. As you know, your roster’s not totally set until right before you open that season. He’s a good football player, he can run, he’s been coached well by (Jim) Harbaugh and Chip Kelly. Those guys are excellent coaches, so you know the background that he has. We’ll continue to discuss all the positions on our team, but we’ve definitely watched him.”

The Texans are in little rush to fill roster spots and expect to go into their April 17th workouts with 65 players. O’Brien did mention that he will want to add a quarterback or two prior to training camp but there is no indication that O'Brien and the Texans are heading to sign Kaepernick. 

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