Podcast Episode 62: Everything Is Back on the Table for the Texans

In this podcast episode the Houston Texans quarterback situation has opened the door to the next tier of quarterbacks.

Pat and Cleaver close the book on the Tony Romo pipe dream for the Texans but explain why Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler are back on the table.

- Intro
- The Tony Romo scenario comes to an end (2:40)
- What Now for the Texans? (6:00)
- The Next Step (9:00)
- Cleaver on the Next Tier of Free Agent Quarterbacks(10:25)
- Do Kap and Cutler Move the Needle? (13:00)
- Tom Savage's Underlying Issue (15:31)
- Texans Show Their Hand on Savage (18:01)
- Cream Rises to the Top (21:22)
- A Veteran Has to Be on the Way (23:20)
- Bill O'Brien Discusses Kaepernick(25:19)
- On Field Outwieghs Off the Field (27:33)
- Kaepernick Layers (31:06)
- All Free Agent Quarterbacks Have Warts(35:30)
- Texans Need To Continue to Internally Evaluate(46:20)
- What the Texans Do Well(50:45)
- Quarterbacks Thin Everywhere (54:29)
- Texans Have To Pay Attention to the Trends (1:00:42)

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