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Podcast Episode 65: The Clock is Ticking Towards the NFL Draft

A new episode of the State of the Texans podcast as the NFL Draft approaches.

Pat and Cleave discuss a busy week and NRG Stadium with pre-draft visits and the Texans returning back to NRG for phase one of the off-season.

(1:22) Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson Take Pre-draft Visits
(5:40) Rundown of Prospects Coming in Late for Pre-Draft Visits 
(6:54) Trading Up the Right Thing to Do + QB Hots Spots in the Draft Order
(10:22) Value to Move Up if Needed 
(11:00) Why All First Round Picks are a good thing 
(12:20) Get Ready To Give Up Draft Currency 
(16:50) Trade a Player if Needed 
(21:02) Quarterbacks Need To Align with Where they are Drafted 
(25:53) The Combination of Picks for the Texans 
(27:20) Lying Season Means that the Draft is Arriving 
(31:30) Texans Should Wait it Out 
(32:43) Offensive Tackle Trumps the Quarterback Situation 
(35:00) Jay Cutler Talks 
(38:30) Roster Composition 
(42:55) Different Lenses for Players 
(44:45) Tom Savage is the Lead Dog
(45:49) Addition by Subtraction 
(49:58) Texans Report to Off-Season Workouts 
(51:56) Key Points From the Start of the Season 
(59:05) David Quessenberry Returns 
(1:05:47) Normal J.J. Watt Talk 
(1:08:00) Cleave is Smitten With Josh Hobbs 
(1:16:27 ) Transactions: Gerald Rivers, Tony Bergstrom and Jadeveon Clowney 
(1:22:55) Rotoworld Likes Rick Smith

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