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Texans Notebook: Patrick Mahomes Feels Bill O'Brien Has Shown the Most Interest in Him

Former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes knows that Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans are playing close attention to him.

The NFL Draft season is heating up and the interest in former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes is heating up and the Houston Texans could be a potential landing spot. The Texans have met with Mahomes at the NFL Combine, sent offensive assistant Wes Welker to Texas Tech's pro-day to watch him work and early this week hosted Mahomes in a pre-draft visit. 

All of this leg work not only show the interest the Texans have in Mahomes but more importantly what type of interest Mahomes feels from the Texans. 

"I feel like a lot of coaches like me, but especially coach (Bill) O'Brien. I think my personality and how real I am, those are things beyond what I can do on the field that he likes," Mahomes said on's Path to the Draft. (Read Here) "It seemed like the way I was answering questions, I think he knew that I knew what was going on. You can tell when coaches have a confidence in you."

Mahomes is part of a NFL Draft class of quarterbacks that have many questioning how good this can be but Mahomes is separating himself from the group with the way he has interviewed and his physical traits as a player.

"I think the reason they looked into me so hard is that I'm so different than other quarterbacks. I have my own unique way of playing, and it works. They wanted to see if I had the knowledge, background and drive to be a great quarterback in the NFL," he said.

At Texas Tech, Mahomes put up some impressive numbers throwing for 5.052 yards with 41 touchdowns and 10 interceptions completing 65.7% of his passes. Mahomes has thrown for over 11,000 yards 93 touchdowns and 29 interceptions in his three seasons with the Red Raiders. 

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