Draft Notebook: The Houston Texans Are Looking for the Right Combination at the Quarterback Position

The Houston Texans continue to look for the right combination to lock down their quarterback in the draft.


The NFL Draft is closing in as much of the attention has been moving to the quarterback class in relation to the Houston Texans. Sitting at #25 overall, the Texans have a decision to make on what many draft analyst call a weak draft class. 

The franchise has completed the leg work on the quarterback class by attending the top quarterbacks’ pro days, plus bringing in Brad Kaaya, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson in for pre-draft visits. Those are the only visits known to the public but it is clear the team is working to ensure they have questions answers on the group before they arrive to draft day. 

General manager Rick Smith likes what he sees in the current quarterback class. 

“I think it’s a good quarterback class,” Smith explained. “I mean, the numbers are what they are and I think as you look through the group, there are – a lot of this draft, it’s an interesting class in my opinion because like I mentioned before, there’s some depth across the board at various positions. But, in those positions, there are different kinds of players. It’s you pick your flavor now.” 

It is clear the group is a diverse one with each prospect with their own red flag but some solid attributes to go along with it. The Texans know what they are looking for in a quarterback, now it comes to finding that player that and having the moment to select that quarterback. 

Smith explained what he looks for in the quarterback position.

“Leadership is one,” Smith said of the quarterback position. “If you start with the intangibles, there’s the work ethic, there’s the leadership, there’s the ability to rally people, there’s the ability to be able to command a room, the ability to handle adversity – all of those intangible things you look for.”


As for what the quarterback puts on tape, it starts with arm strength and their athletic ability. 

Smith continued, “There’s certain size – height, weight and speed – parameters that ideally we look for. There’s any number of – there’s his playing history, the style of offense that he has come from.”

“All of those things go into an obvious comprehensive evaluation of the position because it’s so important,” Smith said. “Those are some of the things that we look for.”

The right combination of the intangibles and physical side of the game continue to be an elusive combination for the Texans to find. The 2017 NFL Draft could finally be the one in which the Texans take the plunge. 


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