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Inside the Texans: Early Rumblings on the Houston Texans in Round One

An insider look at the Houston Texans as they are set to open the 2017 NFL Draft and some early rumblings on what direction they could go.

The unfortunate events regarding the alleged sexual assault by Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley and resulting investigation have become key discussion points for teams in the NFL. Considered a day one prospect, Conley’s camp is working hard to exonerate his name prior to the start of the draft.

The Texans have done their own investigating on Conley and his current  situation. It would be an interesting development if he did slide that far down the draft board to #25, but at this point, football is on the back burner for Conley who is trying to clear his name. Most expect Conley to be pushed down to the second day of the NFL Draft. 

The Texans like what both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes bring to the table as leaders and quarterbacks. The price might be too high for the Texans to try and vault into the top 10 to snag one of the two. The Texans are not out of the market to land a quarterback but there is a price point they have in the back of their minds that will make them really think about that move. If there is a line to note, it is the Arizona Cardinals sitting at #13 overall and what they choose to do. If Watson or Mahomes gets past that point, that is where the fun will begin. 

The heat checks for the quarterback position include: Cleveland Browns at #1 and #12 overall, San Francisco 49ers at #2 ,Jacksonville Jaguars at #4, New York Jets at #6, Buffalo Bills at #10, and, as mentioned before,the Arizona Cardinals at #13. 

Mahomes has been clear about his willingness to play in Houston and the Texans liked how the interview process went with Watson. According to a source, Watson lit up his interview and left a positive impression on the organization. 


The Texans are playing close attention to what the Arizona Cardinals are doing. If a particular quarterback slips past that point. Get ready. 

Expect the Texans to keep their hand on the pulse of the safety class. Rick Smith mentioned that the Texans think this is a solid draft for the position. Look for the Texans to try and land one prior to the third round. The due diligence the Texans have done on the entire safety group has included a large group of prospects. The Texans will come away with one in this draft. 

If Mahomes or Watson do not slide out of the top 15 the Texans will turn their sights to offensive tackle and defensive backs. 

This is not what most want to hear but the Texans have their sights set on offensive tackles and for good reason. Tackles mark another position group on which the Texans have worked hard to get a good grasp on in terms of the types of players and whether they can come in and help right away. The Texans know their offensive tackle position is in dire need of help, maybe even more than their quarterback situation for the upcoming season. The Texans will let the board develop before coming to any rash decisions on exactly what direction they will move. 

Two names to pay attention to are Michigan's Jabrill Peppers and USC's Adoree Jackson who not only help in the secondary but more importantly bring versatility that the Texans covet.

Peppers can play multiple spots, cornerback, nickel, box safety and some think he can develop into a free safety down the road. Also, do not over look at him being able to make plays with the football in his hands if needed. 

As for Jackson, the Texans need a cornerback and with his Olympic style speed and play making ability in coverage and return ability, the value is there. 

Also, most feel that the Texans will try and find a compliment to Lamar Miller but, more importantly, to cut down his carries to preserve him for the season. The type of back that the Texans want is not known but interest in Dalvin Cook should not be overlooked. If options are exhausted and the Texans are stuck at #25 overall with neither a quarterback or offensive tackle worth the price in the first, they could head this direction. 

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