The Houston Texans are not Selling the Farm to Select a Quarterback

The Houston Texans are not overpaying for a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is about to be full steam ahead and many around the draft world have the Houston Texans pegged to select a quarterback. It makes sense, given the past four seasons of revolving doors for the team at the moment position and now the organization is heading into the 5th consecutive season of a different face to start week one. 

Sell the farm. 

Do what they can to land their franchise quarterback. 

No price is too much. 

This remains the sentiment among many to solve the Texans quarterback problem, with sights set on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. The idea is that drafting a quarterback will be a quick fix to a quarterback issue which many are tired of watching, including the Texans. 

We outlined what it would take for the Texans to possibly move up in the draft (Read Here) to land any player whom they covet. If the Texans have that much conviction in a player to be the answer, then more power to them. When looking at this NFL Draft and what is ahead for the Texans, a reality check is in order for many onlookers in terms of what the organization is set to embark upon.

The Texans have a price point on what they are willing to do for a quarterback in THIS draft and do not expect any selling of farms to make a monumental jump to land a quarterback. There are thoughts that Watson will not make it out of the top 10 and, more importantly, the team is monitoring Patrick Mahomes to see whether he slides out of the top 12. 

There will be no blowing up of draft boards to reach for a quarterback, much less one the organization does not have rated as a top end prospect compared to the rest of their board. Sure, the situation is dire with only Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden as quarterbacks currently under contract - and neither of those contracts extend beyond 2017. 

The Texans know they need a quarterback, but not at the price it would cost to go get one. Many will have opinions but it doesn’t matter in the long run. Getting a player they know can contribute day one remains the ultimate goal of the first round. 

There will be a quarterback taken by the Texans at some point in the first two days. What needs to be realized, is that whether one slides in their direction, that is a different scenario, but the farm will stay intact at all costs. 

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