Houston Texans Had a Deal in Place Before the Start of the Draft to Land Deshaun Watson

General Manager Rick Smith laid out what it took to land Deshaun Watson with a deal that was set up prior to the start of the draft.

The Houston Texans came into the draft looking for a quarterback and, as it progressed, the window to land one was getting smaller. Mitchell Trubisky was taken second overall by the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs moved up for Patrick Mahomes, putting the sights on the Texans to make a move. 

Rick Smith went through the scenario when on how the Texans prepared for this moment and to not let Deshaun Watson slip through their hands. 

“We started talking it about around pick ten to start doing something,” Smith said of the draft unfolding. “Whether or not if we wanted to do it. So we have those conversations over and over during the draft, you try to make a decision. Once New Orleans made the pick, I picked up call the phone and called Sashi (Brown) and said we are going to do it.” 

Smith depended on good friend Sashi Brown to land their quarterback for the future at #12 overall by moving their first round pick in 2018. The foundation of the deal was laid prior to the NFL Draft taking place and the aggressive nature of the Texans in the draft took over and the franchise landed their quarterback. 

“Those are the things that you are, as a general manger, the last couple of days trying to anticipate what is going to happen. The foundation for this move was laid earlier with Sashi,” Smith explained. “You got all kinds of scenarios that you have to run to be prepared because much as you think you prepared when the draft starts. It is such a fluid process you have to be able to react and the only way to that is to be, in some respects, be prepared. We have had some conversations earlier.”

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