Texans and Browns Laid the Foundation for the Deshaun Watson Trade at the NFL Combine

Rick Smith laid the foundation for the move up for Deshaun Watson at the NFL Combine.

After the Texans selected Deshaun Watson with the #12 overall pick, moving a 2018 first round pick to complete the move, Rick Smith had this to say about the trade.

“Those are the things that you are, as a general manger, the last couple of days trying to anticipate what is going to happen. The foundation for this move was laid earlier with Sashi (Brown),” Smith explained of the move to get Deshaun Watson. “You got all kinds of scenarios that you have to run to be prepared, because, much as you think you prepared when the draft starts, it is such a fluid process you have to be able to react and the only way to that is to be, in some respects, be prepared. We have had some conversations earlier.”

Smith discussed the foundation of the move last night was set up prior to the start of the draft. What does Smith mean when he refers to this foundation? 

Remember that Brock Osweiler trade which sent the 2018 Houston Texans second round pick to the Cleveland Browns and brought back 4th rounder selection in this year's draft? 

The Texans unloaded Osweiler off the books at all costs, but it was the first step into what transpired last night. Everything that takes PLACE regarding trades in the NFL is contingent upon a player who a team wants being available and the Osweiler deal was set up with those parameters. 

The first part of the deal was to make a fair deal for both sides to feel good about the move of Osweiler. The Cleveland Browns literally paid $16 million for a second round pick and pay the remainder of Osweiler’s contract. 

Moving forward to last night, the deal looked cheap compared to what the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs paid to move up for their quarterback targets. The Texans paid the same price, but in stages contingent that their quarterback, Deshaun Watson, would be available. 

Osweiler is a blip on the radar screen, an expensive blip, but otherwise he was taken off the books with zero cap ramifications like he never played for Houston. The Texans have zero cap implications from the Osweiler deal and continue to move forward with zero issue. 

If we take out Osweiler of the deal, it would look like this. 

Cleveland Receives

  • #25 overall 
  • 2018 First Round Selection 
  • 2018 Second Round Selection 

Houston Receives

  • #12 overall - Deshaun Watson 
  • Browns 2017 4th Round selection (142nd overall) 

What does that look like? A normal deal to move up and get a quarterback, pretty comparable to what Kansas City paid to move up. As we noted HERE in an earlier post this week.

This deal began with the Osweiler trade, the foundation was set and it was no coincidence why the Texans trading partner was the Browns again. At the NFL Combine, this deal was set in place and the Texans escaped a bleak situation to land one of the top quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft. 

Now to see if it works.


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