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Deshaun Watson Introduced to Houston and Now the Work Begins for the Texans

Deshaun Watson arrives to Houston and the Texans continue to stand behind their decision on taking him #12 overall.

Deshaun Watson arrived in Houston to meet with media. The Texans continued to back their top overall pick, relaying how he came in and won over the building. Watson had his press conference with his family near, standing confidently at the table, meeting with the current inhabitants of his new home. 

Watson has settled into the Texans way and knows the work is going to start in a hurry when they hit the field for rookie mini-camp. 

“I think that is the best way, learn from the veteran guys,” Watson said of getting to work with the Texans. “Play whatever role I have but my main focus is getting here, learning about this city, learning about this organization, learn the system. It is being the best teammate I can be, whatever role that is, and enjoy that.”

The Texans liked what Watson brought when he arrived during his pre-draft visit and how he interacted with players, worked with the coaching staff, and just his overall presence around the building. 

Watson, on the way to the NFL Draft, mentioned to SMU coach Chad Morris, the coach who recruited him to Clemson, that Houston is where he wanted to be. Watson immediately knew during his visit that instinctive feeling of being part of the team. 

“Just starting with the visit once I got here the players just brought me in, sit down eat lunch with all these guys and building that relationship,” Watson said. “It felt like I was already on the team. I felt comfortable with the situation. I had a great visit with Coach O’Brien, and everything fit right.”

Bill O’Brien liked how Watson carried himself in Watson’s meeting with the offensive staff and how he handled everything that was thrown at him from the football side of things, Watson’s ability to retain information with plays and board work being one of the traits O’Brien values with the quarterback position. 

“For a young man to come in, a bonafide draft prospect, in here and stand up in front of nine guys in the room,” O’Brien said of Watson’s meeting with the Texans, “offensive line coach, receiver coach, quarterback coach, head coach, and one of the things that impressed us the most is (his ability) to retain information with poise. We do several different things with our conversations with quarterbacks. He handled all of it really well. That impressed us.”

Questions have raised about Watson’s physical traits, especially his arm strength, throwing only 49 mph at the NFL Combine. General manager Rick Smith put a stop to that after mentioning seeing Watson play in person. 

“I went to the National Championship game and I watched him play against a pretty good defense,” Smith said of Watson this past season. “I saw him make all the throws necessary with all the velocity at the specific times when he needed to put on the ball. I think he has enough athleticism to play quarterback in this league and we feel pretty good about that.”

Watson knows this is just the beginning of his journey with the Texans and is aware of what it is going to take for him to be successful at this level. 

“I think film study is the big key of being a great quarterback,” Watson explained. “Preparation and being able to handle that and being able to be detailed with your work is key. I still have a lot to learn.” 

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