The Houston Texans Being Cautious with D'Onta Foreman Heading into OTAs

The Houston Texans are being cautious with D'Onta Foreman heading into OTAs.

When every rookie arrives in Houston, the Texans make sure they are ready to step on the field in top physical condition. Running back D'Onta Foreman is a little behind the curve playing in terms of being 100% ready for NFL life due to his current physical makeup, but the Texans are not faulting him for the slow start  - especially given how the draft process forces players to get ready for testing rather than being ready for the game of football. 

Bill O’Brien is being careful with Foreman and is easing him into what the Texans are doing this off-season. 

“Got to get in good shape,” O’Brien said of Foreman. “The shape of an NFL football player – the guys that have been with us in our off-season program for four or five weeks right now, they’re in way better shape than these guys.”

The Texans want their players on the field but are not interested in pushing them if they are not ready. The team has used this tactic in the past with other rookies and even veterans early in the off-season can be held back until the player is fully cleared. 

Training camp remains the target date for all the players even thought work in the spring is valuable.

“So, they’re not in football condition and that’s not just D’Onta, but that’s everybody,” O’Brien said of the rookies during a three day mini-camp. “So, they’re going to work hard to get into football condition and they’ll see that on Monday when we incorporate them in with the veterans how much better shape the veterans are in.”

Foreman knows that he has to improve his conditioning heading to OTAs and, over the past week, he has been pushing to try and not miss time with his teammates. Getting on the field as a rookie is important and for a player who appears to be expected to contribute during the season in the running game, it is important for Foreman not to miss more time than needed. 

“As far as like conditioning, we just all have to go out there and just keep working hard, just keep doing what they ask us to do,” Foreman explained.  “The conditioning will come. Like Coach (Bill) O’Brien said, we were doing a lot of combine stuff, so just getting in the shape of football and getting back into the routine of football, all of that will come.”

The Texans invested a 3rd round pick in the former Longhorn running back and O’Brien likes what Foreman showed on tape in 2016. 

“We saw a guy there that has good size, very productive last year at Texas,” O’Brien stated. “Inside runner, outside runner, has decent hands out of the backfield. We saw some good things there.”

Foreman knows that he has to get on the field and get to work before getting ready for training camp.

Foreman explained, “I just want to come in and just learn the playbook and just make sure I’m doing all the right things, doing what the coaches are asking me to do.”

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