Derek Newton Takes a Salary Reduction to Stay with the Houston Texans

Derek Newton takes a salary cut to stay in Houston.

As first reported, Houston Texans right tackle Derek Newton has taken a salary reduction to remain with the organization. Newton has reduced his salary by $4.5 million for the life of his current deal but reworked his 2018 contract year to include heavy playing time incentives. 

"Under this renegotiation Newton has the opportunity to earn the same amount of cash ($4,750,000) as he would have under the original contract.  The split salary designation dramatically lowers Newton’s salary if he is not recovered from his 2016 injury.  Newton will need to be healthy enough to pass the team physical to avoid the salary reduction, and then he will have an opportunity to earn the remaining $2,000,000 by being active for all 16 games during the 2018 season.  The team essentially lowered the initial salary while giving Newton the opportunity to re-earn the remaining cash.  The split salary designation provides the team injury protection since the amount if slightly less than Newton would have been entitled to under extended injury protection provided by the CBA.  Should Newton be placed on Reserve again in 2018, his salary will lower down to the $550,000 rate." Texans

Read the full Newton contract change here  

Newton was injured against the Denver Broncos last season, tearing the patellars in both knees and ending not only his 2016, but also his 2017 season. 

"It’s not something that he can’t come back from, but it’s very difficult to come back from that within a year – it’s that type of an injury. It takes a ton of rehab," Bill O'Brien explained of Newton's injury. "He’s been in here every single day. Every single day he has been in here early, late. So, I would never bet against him coming back, but the chances of him obviously coming back this year were slim. So, it’s good for us to be able to take care of him, continue to rehab him, and get him ready for the future.”

Newton was placed on the reserve/pup list ending his 2017 season while he continues to rehab to make a comeback in 2018. 

Newton was selected in the 7th round out of Arkansas State in the 2011 NFL Draft. 

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