Texans Notebook: Nick Martin Returns and Tom Savage Likes Bill O'Brien in his New Role

In this Texans Notebook: J.J. Watt on his health, the return of Nick Martin, Tom Savage liking Bill O'Brien's involvement and more.

J.J. Watt on his Health 

Nick Martin Working 

Not much has changed with center Nick Martin since we talked to him three months ago at the end of the season. READ HERE Back then, he was already working to get back to the field after being cleared at the end of the season upon recovery from ankle surgery, staying sharp by hitting all the meetings and taking mental reps.   

Now, back on the field and returning to his spot at center, Martin is enjoying just being back with his teammates getting to work. 

“That was the first season I’ve missed,” Martin said of last season. “It’s tough but I just tried to get better any way I could, especially mentally. It’s just awesome being back out here.”

Martin is back in the flow of practicing and clearly, on the field, things have slowed down for him. 

“Oh, a lot better,” Martin said of working in the offense. “That first spring, it’s a fun experience but I definitely feel more comfortable now.”

Expect Martin to slide back into the starting center duties heading into the season. 

Tom Savage Likes Having Bill O’Brien Around 

As we reported during rookie mini-camp READ HERE, it was clear there was a new Bill O’Brien on the field for the Texans. This Bill O'Brien has been heavily involved with the offense and coaching up the quarterbacks. O’Brien has been working hard with Deshaun Watson since he arrived and for the length of OTAs, been in Tom Savage’s ear getting him ready to iron out mistakes from last season. 

“It’s awesome,” Tom Savage of O’Brien’s involvement with the offense. “I think he’s a tremendous coach and he knows what he’s talking about. It’s just good to be on the same page with him and just go out there and execute what he’s trying to teach.”

O’Brien is constantly coaching and talking to the quarterbacks during drills, getting them to smooth out the rough edges of their game. He is also on the walkie talkie calling plays into the quarterbacks' helmets on the field, which is the first time he has done that since he arrived. The O’Brien influence is apparent and things are being done his his way on the field for the offense. Time will tell how much this new tactic is going to pay off. 

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Have to Keep it Fun 

DeAndre Hopkins is one of the many Texans who change shoes during spring and training camp to break the monotony of the football life before the regular season arrives. Hopkins had some Adidas football cleats with Bugs Bunny and an exploding bomb decorating them. Hopkins was more than willing to give a run down of his avant-garde footwear. 

“Yeah. Adidas – it’s a bomb, like a nuclear bomb, like Bugs Bunny, that says, ‘That’s all, folks,’” Hopkins said of his shoes. 


We will keep up with "Shoe Watch 2017" during the spring and summer heading into camp to see what else the Texans are sporting. 

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