Texans Notebook: Wes Welker at Home with the Houston Texans

Notebook: Wes Welker at home with the Texans, training camp schedule and more.

Texans Notebook

Breno Giacomini’s Contract Terms Known 

It typically takes time for contract terms to emerge but Texans right tackle Breno Giacomini’s numbers have been released and are a bit higher than expected. The one-year deal has a total value of $2.75 million with $750,000 guaranteed. The base salary of Giacomini is the exact same as potential starter Chris Clark's deal, with a pro-rated bonus of $500,000.

YearBase SalarySigning BonusRoster BonusWorkout BonusCap ChargeDead MoneyCap Savings
2017 1,000,000 750,000 1,000,000 0 2,062,500 750,000 1,312,500

Reading between the lines, Clark is the penciled in right tackle and it is his position to lose. Giacomini was rehabbing his back early through OTAs and did some light work with the team late during mandatory mini-camp, trying to get his back to full strength. The contracts of the two offensive tackles being on equal footing is important heading to camp but the health of Giacomini will be one thing to watch moving forward when the arrive to West Virginia. The Texans want Giacomini to force competition on Clark and make him elevate his play but the contract numbers indicates that a competition in order. 

Texans Schedule in West Virginia 

The Texans are heading to West Virginia for training camp for the first time in team history and this has been in the works for some time. Head coach Bill O’Brien and the organization want the team to be fresh for week one as the sports science department continues to gather information on the team. Inside the organization, the Texans felt the team was not fresh enough to start the season and many of the signs were pointed to having held camp in Houston, where temperatures and humidity can make it tough for players to stay in peak physical condition. The organization feels that moving camp to West Virginia can keep the team fresh and more specifically, that practicing at the Greenbrier keeps them in line for the temperatures they play at during the season. 

The Texans will spend July 25th through August 17th at the Greenbriar and have joint practices with the New England Patriots scheduled for August 15th-16th. The Texans will have 17 total workouts for training camp and return home for the second preseason game against New England. Then the team will only have two workouts at the Methodist Training Center on August 21st and 22nd. The following week, they head to New Orleans for joint practices prior to their third preseason game with the Saints. 

O’Brien will never turn down an opportunity to have joint practices during training camp and has done that every camp since he arrived. 

“We, obviously since I’ve been here, we’ve had a lot of joint practices. We get so much out of that,” O’Brien commented. “It breaks up the monotony of training camp. You’re able to see your own players against different schemes instead of seeing the same scheme, day in and day out. You’re able to see how other teams do things. You’re able to see how your roster compares to another team’s roster, and vice-versa. I think it’s great for our scouting staff to be able to watch another team up close like that. The competition level is great.”

The Texans will use the preseason games for some looks at their core group, but most of that work will be done during joint practices with both the offense and defense. 

Wes Welker Fitting In

The comfort level for offensive assistant Wes Welker is clear: he is back with his former position coach with New England in Bill O’Brien and former teammates and good friends in Mike Vrabel and Larry Izzo. Welker's presence has been a plus for the team early. Braxton Miller and DeAndre Hopkins have already discussed the influence of Welker and how he has helped break down the offense for them, while being responsible primarily for the grunt work an entry level assistant would do. He is responsible for data entry, breaking down film, and anything that the offensive or special teams need him to do. 

“I think I knew the type of people I was going to be around and the type of situation it was going to be and the type of football and competition that we were going to have on this football team,” Welker said of coming to Houston. “I was just excited about the opportunity and luckily, Coach O’Brien gave me a chance.”

Welker took some time away from the game after multiple concussions led him to know that he wanted to pursue coaching. O’Brien welcomed him with open arms. 

“I think I kind of knew, even while I was playing and stuff. I always looked at it like, oh, those coaches put too much time in, they have to work too long, all that stuff,” Welker said of the coaching life. “I think if I would have jumped into coaching right after I was done playing, I probably would have felt that way. Taking the year off and realizing how much I love the game, how much I love being around the guys and really just learning and having some laughs and being able to compete is something that I really live for.”

Welker’s influence on the team has been a positive one and, with a jump needed from the receiver group, his arrival might have come at just the right time. 


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