Vince Young: Conference Call Highlights

This week Titans rookie quarterback Vince Young handled questions from the media during a conference call. Find out what he had to say about his progress, the Colts defense, his style as a running quarterback and much more!

(on his progress)
"Progress is good. It's getting better and better. I'm getting more comfortable in the offense, and I'm taking it from there."

(on what his expectations were coming into his rookie season)
"I came in just going in to work. Work, work, work, and I let the coach make that decision. When I step out there, I just want to know what I'm doing. I don't want to go out there on just talent all the time. I want to go out there and know that my mental game is all right."

(on embracing his starting role)
"I'm getting comfortable with being the starter right now. I have to earn the respect of the older guys and the other guys on the team. It's looking pretty good for me right now."

(on the surprises he saw in his first start)
"I didn't think I would be 8-for-12 going in to halftime. That was pretty cool. Just overall, I had a good game besides the turnovers. So far, so good. I just want to get better each week and show a little progress."

(on accepting rookie struggles in his first year)
"I'm not going to accept that. If you feel like you can do better and do some things to get a victory, that's how you're supposed to feel. I don't want to go in there and say, ‘Because I'm a rookie, that's going to be an automatic loss.' I'll never be like that."

(on what he brings to the table as a player)
"Keep the defense on edge. Keep the defensive coordinator thinking, ‘What is Vince going to do? Is he going to try and run this or is he going to pass?' I like to keep defenses on the edge of their seats. I don't try to game plan the player. I don't try to game plan the defensive coordinator in the field now."

(on scrambling in the NFL versus in college)
"I'm always going to be confident about my skills. I'm always going to make a play with my legs, it's my game."

(on what he sees in the Colts defense)
"Real aggressive, speed, great speed. They do a lot of things in the coverages and things like that. Overall, they want to sack the quarterback and by four guys up front. As an offensive team, we've got to take advantage of different things like that."

(on what he sees in Peyton Manning)
"I see a great leadership role. He loves the game of football. He's a great guy, that's "P." He's a very well spoken guy. He gave me a lot of things I can take home with me, study to prepare myself for the next level. Overall to me he's a wonderful guy. I was glad to meet him."

(on where he and Peyton Manning met)
"I met him at a commercial deal we were doing for Reebok."

(on the state of team moral and attitude)
"We just had a meeting, a team meeting earlier with just players only. Keith Bulluck stood up and said a couple of things. We understand where he (Keith) is coming from. Everybody has got to be accountable for each other and we have to change our whole scheme on how we go at things than to go another route. It's what we plan on doing. Right now, everybody is kind of excited, pumped up and ready to go... "

(on the speed of the Colts defense versus his speed)
"Just making plays, I'm not trying to go out there trying to do too much. Just play the game and let the game come to me, doing it within the frame of their defense. They don't try to do anything to disguise or confuse you or nothing like that. They just go out and play the game. That's the same thing we're going to go as an offense, just go out there and play the game."

(on the Albert Haynesworth situation)
"Albert is a great guy. We know he got kind of got a little frustrated. We're going to miss him a whole lot and we need him whole lot, but we've got to let some other guys step up. We have some other guys on the defensive line that have got to step up. We're going to miss him but when he comes back, he has to come back to work and get it going."

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