Defense - Post Game Quotes

Houston had one of their best defensive performances in franchise history this past Sunday. The Texan Blitz delivers to you quotes straight from the players after the game.

(CB) Demarcus Faggins

(on the Texans' defensive line)
"Our defensive line did an amazing job today. They were getting to the quarterback and they were fighting. It was a team effort, and we looked good. The tape speaks for itself."

(on getting back on the field)
"The feeling was crazy. Looking back at training camp, when I was gone, I felt sick. I felt sick every single day: practice, games, at home just thinking about it and seeing other games on television. I'm so happy to be back."

(on the shutting down the Jaguars' offense)
"All the games they've played, they've been good. Going out there and winning against a rival on Battle Red Day, you can't beat that."

(LB) Morlon Greenwood

(on the feeling of playing well as a defense)
"We have a great defense and we have a great coaching staff. We have guys here who play hard week and week out. Every week, we've been sharp, but we've been unlucky. So to come out and play like that today was very satisfying and very gratifying."

(on the defensive improvement)
"In the preseason, we played well. We came out in the regular season and didn't play so well against some good offenses. Now the defense is starting to gel as a unit and starting to show what we are capable of doing. We are looking forward to having a good year."

(on his fumble recovery)
"I was excited to get the ball and give our offense the opportunity to score. I'm so happy that we won this home game. I'm happy for the fans, I'm happy for [Texans owner Bob McNair] and I'm happy for the coaches. We've been working hard. We have a very good team, and we need to continue to work hard and build on this."

(on the return of LB Kailee Wong)
"Kailee is one of the leaders of this team. To have him back is tremendous, and it really helps our team."

(on winning the turnover battle)
"In this league, the team that wins the turnover battle normally wins the game. Turnovers are very big. They're momentum stoppers and they give our offense the chance to score."

(on the performance of Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich)
"I don't know what the deal is with Leftwich, but I know we were playing well on defense, and that's what really matters. We were playing together on defense, we were playing hard, and that's what counts."

(DE) N.D. Kalu

(on the difference in the game)
"We finally played four quarters. Against all the other teams, except for Miami, we had only played a good half or a good quarter, but we finally put together a whole game. We didn't panic when things went bad."

(on Jacksonville's attitude before the game)
"They didn't have respect for us. I heard they were dancing on our 50 yard line…That's one thing you just don't do. That's like going over to somebody's house and walking around on the carpet with your shoes on. We took that personally."

(DE) Antwan Peek

(on the Jaguars' performance)
"They played hard. They had a few injuries, but we came out there and focused on attacking and being physical. We knew that if we weren't as physical as they were, then they would have an advantage."

(on the win)
"It was a complete team effort, and we were hitting on all cylinders. This was a complete game for us, and when we go in and watch the film, we have to see what we did this game and go into the next game with that same focus."

(on if the defense can sustain this level of performance)
"After playing like this, there's no excuse for us to play any other way. We were playing like this throughout the preseason, we just had some unfortunate times in the regular season. We have some great guys on our defense and we have guys with the ability to take over the game. I think that as the season progresses, you'll see the defense get better and better."

(on turnovers)
"When it was 10-7 and they were close to getting in scoring position, we focused on getting turnovers like we'd been practicing. Coach has been stressing turnovers because we hadn't been getting them in our previous games. Just like with sacks, when you get one, they just start coming."

(on the Texans' offensive performance)
"The first possession of every game, our offense has been great. Today, they played like it was the first possession for the whole game. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do going into next week."

(LB) DeMeco Ryans

(on the defensive line's play)
"I love it when those guys up front have their confidence up and are playing their best. It makes it easy for us back-end guys to play well."

(on the turnovers)
"We were last in the NFL in turnovers, so our focus has been turnovers. We've been working on it in practice for the past couple of weeks."

(on he and DE Mario Williams being the future of the Texans' defense)
"That's why they brought us in and that's why they invested in both of us; to come in and make plays and turn this defense around. They're looking for us to make plays, that's why they drafted us."

(DE) Mario Williams

(on the fumble and recovery to stop Jacksonville's drive)
"That's was a very big play for…It was (DE) Antwan Peek.  My hat's off to him for giving me the opportunity for me to be able to recover it.  It was just a great play."

(on the defensive line's play helping the rest of the defense)
"We're just trying to get out there and trying to create havoc, emotions and trying to confuse the offensive line and move and just keep moving, (to) get the quarterback to feel the presence of us coming."

(on whether limiting a team to seven points give the defense something to build off)
"Yeah, it really does, if you look at the seven points, we could have prevented that, but it's a big (weight) lifted off our shoulders as far as knowing what we're capable of doing."

(on the defense turning around their play)
"As a unit, for one thing, turnovers.  Last week we didn't get them; they got them.  His week we go them; they didn't get them.  So that was the number on thing.  Another thing was breaking up the balls.  Our DBs played a heck of a game.  They were just phenomenal.  Even if we didn't get pressure on the quarterback, they were on their P's and Q's.  They were knocking balls out, causing fumbles.  Hat's off to them."

(on how he seemed less hesitant)
"Once we did that and once he knew it wasn't close, they had to pass the ball.  Especially with out offense scoring, they had to pass the ball.  It took away a lot of the guessing and a lot of saying they might do this or they might do that."

(LB) Kailee Wong

(on being back to help the defense have its best game of the season)
"The defense played really well, there's no doubt about it.  There was a swagger and an attitude that we were going to play well out there.  I really didn't play that many plays; I was just trying to encourage the guys most of the time.  I'll tell you what; it was nice to be in uniform and nice to be out there on that field."

(on how excited he looked on the field)
"That's the truth.  That is how I felt the whole day.  Like I always say, it's so rare to have this experience, and for a while I thought it would be gone and I would never have it again. So I really savor today because I know I put a lot of work into it."

(on coming back from an uncertain future)
"No, (I) wasn't sure.  A lot of people said a lot of different things for quite a while.  I just put in everyday; just came to work and tried to get better.  Obviously, it all culminated to this."

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