Texans Scouting Report - Chaun Thompson

Back in March, the Texans signed former Cleveland Browns linebacker Chaun Thompson to a two year, $2.4 million deal that included a $650,000 signing bonus. To find out the inside scoop on Thompson, BattleRedNation.com asked Orange and Brown Report writer Lane Adkins, who covered Thompson since he was a rookie to furnish us a scouting report.

Outside linebacker Chaun Thompson was an athletically gifted small school collegiate player that has not been able to elevate his game at the professional level. As many of the draft selections of the Browns in the Butch Davis era, athleticism based on simple speed and quickness do not always equate to success.

Thompson is basically a situational outside linebacker, as he can provide pass rush ability, but is limited in the run and pass defense facets of the game. While possessing great athletic measureables, this player does not recognize quickly, is often caught out of position which leads to inefficiency in the defensive scheme.

During his time in Cleveland, Thompson was a player without a definitive positive on the defensive side of the ball. Due to his short-comings, he briefly saw action on the inside where his mentality of aggressiveness could be utilized.

In all, Chaun Thompson remains a physically gifted athlete and could be productive, if the responsibilities are minimized. While it is questionable that Thompson will be anything more than a depth type player, he is a very good special teams player which will not disappoint in this aspect of the game.

The Texans are in need of some additional talent on their special teams, and Thompson could be that player that elevates Joe Marciano's bunch toward the top of the league's special teams units. With only $650,000 invested in Thompson, this move represents a very low-risk maneuver and could end up benefiting the Texans greatly.

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