Texans Pass Rush is a Concern

With only one sack through the first three preseason games, the Texans pass rush is a major question mark heading into the preseason finale.

With the exception of Mario Williams and N.D. Kalu, the pass rush has been near non-existent. Teams are putting multiple players in to block Williams on every play, but no one else on the line can take advantage of their one on one battles.

"Mario has been exceptional." Gary Kubiak said. "He was doubled, tripled sometimes (against the Cowboys) and still found ways to be the guy that got there."

"N.D. (Kalu) has done some good things. I think what we are searching for is compliments to those players." Kubiak said.

The list of compliments to Williams and Kalu include, newly signed veteran Rosevelt Colvin, Anthony Weaver and Earl Cochran. But, with only one sack (recorded by DT Tim Bulman) from the entire defense, worry has set in.

Weaver only has one career sack since joining the Texans defense in 2006, although he is valuable in stopping the run.

Cochran also has only one career sack with the Texans. He flashes ability to rush the passer but is still a very raw player that relies on his athleticism too much.

When Colvin signed, fans thought they were going to see more sacks and more pressure on the quarterback. But, that quarterback pressure thus far is absent. The Cowboys defense, without recording any sacks last week, put pressure on Matt Schaub and that is what Head Coach Gary Kubiak wants to see more of from his own defense.

"Dallas didn't have any (sacks), but they did make us get rid of that ball very quickly" Kubiak said. "That's a thing that concerns me. I think that he (Cowboys QB Tony Romo) was able to hold the ball too long."

While the pass rush is missing from the Texans defense, Kubiak is continuing to work the guys he has and continuing with the same scheme.

"We aren't going to panic and start zero blitzing people to try to make the quarterback get rid of the ball" Kubiak said. "Because if we start to do that then I don't think we are going to be a very good defensive football team."

"We are trying to stay committed to what we are doing through the preseason; trying to find out the guys who can do it and help us" Kubiak said.

The pass rush deficiency needs to be fixed soon or else the high hopes for the Texans this year could dwindle. They cannot afford to let Ben Roethlisberger have all day to throw in week one because he will pick apart the Houston secondary. If the Texans are going to get pressure on any team, they will have a great opportunity against a below average Pittsburgh offensive line.

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