Texans Waste No Time

Gary Kubiak and the Texans wasted no time making their final roster decisions as they released 21 players and are currently one away from the final roster number of 53.

Among the players released are DE/LB Rosevelt Colvin, FB Jon Abbate, QBs Shane Boyd and Alex Brink, LBs Kevis Coley and Ben Moffitt, S Glenn Earl, C Greg Eslinger, CBs Jamar Fletcher, Dexter Wynn and Derek Roberson, TE Ryan Krause, DT Gabe Long and Anthony Maddox, WRs LeRon McCoy, Darnell Jenkins and Mark Simmons, DE Jesse Nading, RBs Marcel Shipp and Darius Walker, and T Torrin Tucker.

Some of the surprises of the group were certainly safety Glenn Earl, cornerback Jamar Fletcher, and linebacker Roosevelt Colvin. Texans head coach Gary Kubiak gave some praise to both Jamar Fletcher and Dexter Wynn, despite making the tough decision to release them less than 20 hours after the preseason finale.

"Well, Petey (CB DeMarcus Faggins) has had a great camp, we've talked about that before. He played extremely well in the first half tonight. We were really looking at (CB Derrick) Roberson and (CB Jamar) Fletcher tonight, as well as CB Dexter Wynn. We're looking for a fifth guy. As for which one we're going to keep, I'll have to go back and look at the film. It looked like Dexter Wynn did some good things. I know Roberson had a mistake on the punt return, but I'll have to go back and look at the film to be fair to them. We're going to take a good look at all three of those guys."

Following the game, Kubiak said that there were roughly 10 roster spots up for grabs, and defensive tackle Anthony Maddox was certainly in the mix. Maddox registered a sack and an interception, but it wasn't enough to keep from getting his walking papers.

"I think we were sitting, to answer the question very honestly, we're probably sitting at 42 or 43 when we walked into the stadium tonight," Kubiak told reporters. "I think we have 10 tough decisions that could go either way when we look at this film. There may be some other things that go into that decision process, but I think we know corner was a decision. I wanted to let these two young quarterbacks throw the ball around, and look at them. Our running back is a decision. Defensive line is a very big decision. When you look at (DT Anthony) Maddox and you look at (DT Frank) Okam. It looked like (DT) Gabe Long came in and hasn't played much and did some good things. That's a fourth spot there that is going to be a very difficult decision to make."

Kubiak spoke about free agent acquisition Roosevelt Colvin following the game, but didn't make any promises.

"We'll see," Kubiak said regarding Colvin. "We played him a bunch. We played him at linebacker. We played him at end and rushed. We'll go back and see how he performed. Obviously there is still a tough decision to make in that regard and that's why he played a lot of football tonight."

Obviously Colvin's two tackles and no sacks weren't enough for Houston to keep the 30-year old veteran.

Houston certainly trimmed the fat at linebacker as they released Kevis Coley and rookie Ben Moffitt despite the players leading the team in tackles against Tampa Bay and accounting for 28 stops combined.

"I think (LB Kevis) Coley and (LB Ben) Moffitt played well tonight," Kubiak said. "We'll look at them. But the concern is with the health of those two."

"You know, I drank a lot of water to stay hydrated tonight because I would play a lot tonight and thank God I stayed free from injury tonight," Coley told reporters following the game. "I just went out there and gave it all I had. Again, whatever happens, happens."

Despite Moffitt making 13 tackles, he claimed not to play his best game.

"I could've played a lot better," Moffitt said. "I could've played a lot better on special teams, but the Lord blessed me to get 13 tackles tonight. I tried to be around the ball, I tried to hustle, so it kind of pays off whenever you try to do those things."

Moffitt said that he wasn't going to worry about the outcome of the final roster decisions—

"Well, I left it all on the field and there's nothing else I can do, so I'm just going to go chill with my family, hang out with them and pray and see what happens. I can't control it right now. It's in their hands. It's in God's hands. So, I'm just fortunate to make it this far and I'm blessed, very blessed."

The Texans roster is currently at 54 players, and they must make one more transaction to get to the NFL limit by tomorrow at 6 p.m.

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