Tree's Unselfish Play is Paying Off

At just 6-2 230, Brophy's Mike Tree holds four offers despite size limitations. Credit his hard work.

In a "Me First" society, Phoenix (Az.) Brophy Prep defensive tackle Mike Tree is a breath of fresh air.

Tree, standing just 6-2 230, dominates the line of scrimmage despite giving up sometimes almost 70 pounds to his opponents on the offensive line. Tree's body is much better suited to play defensive end or linebacker but with Brophy being set at d-end with Seyi Adebayo and Trent Murphy manning the edge and having one of the state's best linebacking corps, he has had to get in where he fits in, and that has been at defensive tackle. While some kids would have transferred, Tree hasn't complained a bit.

Knowing he would stay at defensive tackle for his senior year, Tree hit the camp circuit and continued to work hard. The exposure has led to him receiving four scholarship offers, from Air Force (camp), Princeton (camp), Dartmouth and Columbia (unofficial visit) and each has a different idea on where he will play.

Tree tells us, "Columbia has talked about Sam linebacker or d-end. Princeton has said linebacker od defensive end. Dartmouth wants me as a d-tackle and Air Force as a tackle or middle backer."

Where would Tree like to play? He answers in his typical unselfish ways, "Where ever they want to put me. I just love playing football."

His love for the game is evidenced by the passion he plays it with. He has one of the best motors you will find on a player and can be consistently found in opponent's backfield. He comments, "We work hard as a team in practice. My coaches, Coach Allen and Merriweather, focus on technique and our defensive coordinator, Coach Galante, stresses work ethic."

Other than the above mentioned schools, Tree says he receives letters from Stanford and Vanderbilt and has exchanged emails with Colorado. As far as a time frame for a decision, "I am unsure on a decision time. I am very interested in all of the colleges that have shown interest in me." As of today, he has no official visits set up.

Tree also is a great student, carrying a 3.88 grade-point-average. He takes the ACT this Saturday. He plans to major in international relations in college.

He are highlights of Tree from the first two games of this year: 

Brophy is currently 1-1 and plays 0-1 Horizon this week.

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