Behind Enemy Lines: Houston Texans

Ravens Insider publisher Aaron Wilson asks editor Charlie Bernstein some questions about the Texans to get prepared for Sunday's matchup.

1. Do you think Andre Johnson will have a big game and why?

The success of Andre Johnson really depends on how much time Sage Rosenfels has to throw, and what type of coverages the Ravens employ. Last week, the Vikings made it a point to stop Johnson and he only had four catches for 62 yards and a touchdown. By concentrating so much on Johnson, it opened up the field for tight end Owen Daniels to catch 11 balls for 133 yards. I believe the Texans will have problems with pass protection, and I don't think Johnson will have a huge game, so I'm predicting roughly five catches for 70 yards.

2. Are you confident in Sage Rosenfels or do you think he'll have trouble?

I'm going to have to answer both. Rosenfels is really one of the very best backup quarterbacks in the league and he could start for at least five or six teams. He can definitely throw the football down field, but he has a tendency to make mistakes. I think any quarterback would have trouble against a very good Baltimore defense.

3. Will the Texans be able to contain Terrell Suggs' pass rush?

Houston starts a rookie at left tackle in Duane Brown and subs in with a very average to below average veteran in Ephraim Salaam. To put it simply, I think Suggs will be able to disrupt the Texans offense by getting into the backfield.

4. Is Jacoby Jones likely to have a big game against a suspect Ravens special teams?

Jones is a very streaky return man as he will have some big returns in bunches, and he will have games where he seemingly runs around in circles. That said, Jones is very fast and he may be able to take one or two to the house if the Ravens coverage teams get out of their lanes.

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