Help on the Outside

With the Jaguars exiling Porter and Williams, and the unsure legal status of 2008's leading receiver Matt Jones, the Jaguars will undoubtedly be looking for some help on the outside in April's draft. It is somewhat unlikely that the team will select a wideout with their first pick, but you never know. Find out about a receiver the Jags have worked with who should be available on the second day.

The Jaguars got a good chance to check out former University of Texas wide receiver Quan Cosby at the Senior Bowl back in January. At the same time, Cosby was able to work with Jaguars wide receivers coach Todd Monken, and Monken certainly made an impression on him.

"He's fiery, he's fired up, and he's very passionate about his job," Cosby exclaimed. "He's very technical, which is very good and I'm sure every coach is to an extent. It's been really fun and I've learned a lot in three days and a lot of things I can take back with me to train and work on to take with me to the combine. I learned a lot and respect him for everything he's done."

Cosby is the antithesis of what the Jaguars had previously looked for in their wide receivers, as he is short, but not small, and sudden. Over the last five years, the Jaguars have looked for giant, basketball player types of receivers, who could win jump balls, but were mostly slow and haven't really worked out for the team.

"I think you throw the football and you catch it," Cosby said when asked about his lack of height. "Size doesn't matter in all the situations, I catch the ball, I run a route. In the red zone, they usually want the bigger guys who go up and get the ball, but I think the smaller guys in the league, a Steve Smith, can go up and make plays in there too. From that standpoint, I'm just like every other receiver out there, I catch the ball and I run with it."

Cosby stands just 5'9", but he has a muscular 191 lb. frame. The former Texas Longhorn has played well in big games, and he has speed and great route running abilities. Quan earned second team all-Big 12 honors as a senior, and he has ran the 40-yard dash as quickly as 4.4 seconds. As a senior, Cosby caught 78 passes for 952 yards and eight touchdowns.

Quan spoke about what he has to do over the next few months in the draft process.

"Continue to work hard, the numbers are huge out there, so I'm going to continue to work on those little things as far as maximizing the potential for that day as far as running, drills, benching, or even taking tests," Cosby said. "Just doing those little things like those guys are doing. This week has helped me a lot as far as the interview process, meeting a lot of coaches, teams talking to other guys, it's been beneficial."

This Longhorn standout adds another dimension, as he is a fine kick returner. As a senior, he averaged better than 21 yards per return, despite teams often trying to kick away from him. Cosby is the top ranked kickoff return man in school history, and that's saying something coming from a football powerhouse like Texas. Quan also has had the advantage of playing against top talents every day in practice, something he talks about.

"That's what has been to my advantage, early on at Texas I was playing against Aaron Ross, Michael Griffin, guys who have gone on to have good NFL careers," Cosby explained. "It gets you prepared to compete against some of the best in the country. Coming here, competing against these guys, it's like practice, going against some of the best in the country. Guys in the Big 12, we've had some defenses and coordinators who have been very good."

Quan Cosby is currently projected as a late-round pick, and he could be another name on a list that includes Wes Welker, Donald Driver, Kevin Walter, and many others who have been ultra-productive wideouts despite being selected later on. Whichever team calls his name on the final weekend in April could end up with a steal.

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