Houston Heads for the Mountains

The Texans brass headed north last week to scout some more talent which will help them prepare their "big board" for next month's NFL Draft. Find out where the Texans were and what they saw.

Houston sent their scouting department to the country roads of Morgantown to take in the WVU Pro Day. Scout.com's BlueGoldNews.com staff writer James Todd had this to say about the event:

NFL scouts from at least twenty different squads gathered at the WVU Football Complex along with coaches and media, to watch former collegians with ambitions of playing on Sundays show off their skills.

Morty Ivy, Ellis Lankster, Ryan Stanchek, Marc Magro, John Holmes, Greg Isdaner, Stephen Maw, Adam Hughes, Dorrell Jalloh, and Jim Lewis took part in the forty yard dash and a series of agility drills. No times were posted or made public by the scouts on any of these events, which the scouts were watching intently. Patrick White and Pat McAfee did not participate in these timed runs. I'm guessing that White's speed and agility are already known commodities and that none of the scouts are interested in the 40 times of kickers (which is a shame, since McAfee seems a bit more athletic than your typical place kicker/punter).

White was given a chance to show the NFL scouts in attendance the fancy foot work and laser-like left arm that have made him a Mountain State hero during position drills. WVU's all-time winningest QB was loose and crisp, putting plenty of zip on his passes and executing his drops with precision. One forty-yard bomb to former teammate Jalloh drew "oohs" and "ahhhs" from the players and reporters, and hopefully the NFL scouts were equally impressed.

White on his pre-draft training: "I've been working on my drop, adding body mass, trying to give my release a little more 'umph'."

Jalloh put in a lot of effort in these drills as well, and although he dropped a few passes, his route running and overall hustle was commendable.

The linebackers and defensive backs received some more looks during their position drills, which were all pretty standard tests of agility and quickness. They were followed up by the three participating offensive lineman, who went through a similar workout. Although all of these drills are rather mundane and the players have done them all a million times, they were executed with plenty of intensity in front off the sharp-eyed NFL scouts. McAfee finished the day by showing off his prolific boot on Mountaineer Field.

While the scouts all remained mum about their player evaluations, they seemed to be paying close attention to Ryan Stanchek, Ivy, and Lankster. However, the player that drew the most attention was (surprise, surprise) Patrick White. All eyes were glued on the Daphne, Ala. native during his performance, which consisted of absolutely no reps at receiver. Despite all the attention, White appeared to be the most relaxed guy in the building. The NFL scouts had to have been impressed with his calm demeanor, along with his quick feet and tight spiral.

Texans scouts spoke to Pat White at the Senior Bowl, and he's been flying up draft boards. He is currently projected as a second to third-round pick as he is a pure playmaker. Most of the other prospects are projected as late-round picks.

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