Texans Notes and Quotes

Notes and quotes from the Houston Texans: Connor Barwin, lineup possibilities, and more.


--The coaches want the four best rushers on the field in passing situations, and, eventually, they could be -- left to right -- Mario Williams, Antonio Smith, Tim Bulman and Connor Barwin, the second-round pick from Cincinnati.

Barwin, who played end only one season at Cincinnati, will stay on the right side. He's going to be behind when he's able to report, since he's going to miss OTAs because of Cincinnati's late graduation date. He should be available for minicamp on June 15-17.

Barwin (6-4, 256) has outstanding potential as a pass rusher. Once he proves it, he'll be on the field. That means Williams would move to the left side. Before Barwin was available in the second round, the coaches wanted to keep Williams on the right side if that says anything.

The Texans had a first-round grade on Barwin, and they think he has a chance to be special as a pass rusher. However, they know they'll have to be patient because of his lack of experience on defense.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "Half of my family is Cowboys fans and half are Texans fans. All the Houston Texans fans, they are really, really happy. The Cowboys fans are happy as well, but they wish I had gone to Dallas. They are excited to see me play. I have a very, very large family and I probably only had a handful of people who came to games with my mom, like my sisters and a couple of cousins (when I was at NC State). And that was out of 50-some games. Now I'll have cousins, friends and other relatives there, and many times I probably won't even know they are coming." -- TE Anthony Hill on returning to his hometown to play in the NFL.

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