Battle Red NFL Power Rankings

When the calendar strikes June, it becomes time for our meaningless off season power rankings. These rankings basically give our loyal readers something to pick on us about later in the season.

New England Patriots- Brady's back, the entire NFL's in trouble.

2. Philadelphia Eagles-
Motivated McNabb with his best set of receivers yet.

3. San Diego Chargers-
Everyone is healthy, the pass rush will be great.

4. New York Giants-
If Eli stays upright, the sky is the limit.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers-
Still some offensive line issues.

6. Chicago Bears-
They have one more run left in that defense.

7. Houston Texans-
If Schaub stays healthy, they can go far.

8. Indianapolis Colts-
Manning is still there, they will still be very good.

9. Buffalo Bills-
Trent Edwards will break out.

10. Tennessee Titans-
Will the offense carry the team?

11. Minnesota Vikings-
Still major issues at quarterback.

12. New Orleans Saints-
Offense is super, defense may just be good enough.

13. Carolina Panthers-
We don't believe in Jake.

14. Arizona Cardinals-
Super Bowl losers don't have success the next year.

15. Atlanta Falcons-
Matt Ryan could take them far.

16. Cincinnati Bengals-
Surprise team of 2009.

17. Baltimore Ravens-
We're worried about the corners.

18. Green Bay Packers-
Good enough QB, defense will be the problem.

19. Miami Dolphins-
QB controversy will brew.

20. Kansas City Chiefs-
Defense will be much better.

21. Seattle Seahawks-
They could win the division.

22. New York Jets-
Could be a great team if Sanchez can play like Matt Ryan.

23. Dallas Cowboys-
Lots of talent, short on leadership.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars-
Offense must carry the team.

25. San Francisco 49ers-
Will win some games they shouldn't.

26. Cleveland Browns-
Brady Quinn will play well.

27. Oakland Raiders-
Great talent on defense and the best punter in football.

28. St. Louis Rams-
If only Bulger and Jackson could stay healthy.

29. Denver Broncos-
At least they have Brandon Marshall.

30. Washington Redskins-
QB situation will be horrible this year.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-
Not enough talent to win.

32. Detroit Lions-
Come on, they didn't win a game last year.

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