New Texan Scouting Report- Rex Grossman

The Texans have came to an agreement with free agent quarterback Rex Grossman, presumably to compete for the backup job behind Matt Schaub. BattleRedNation asked publisher John Crist what he thought the team was getting in the former first-round pick.

Positives: There is no substitute for flat-out arm strength in the NFL, and Grossman can spin it as well as any quarterback in the league. While he had a reputation for being a little bit of a party boy in college and not studying the playbook very much, he was always a diligent worker in Chicago and logged countless hours in the film room. Even though his success on Sunday has been hit-and-miss at best, he truly wants to be a great player and puts in the effort necessary to get better.

Negatives: Although he's built like Jeff Garcia at 6-1 and 217 pounds, Grossman lumbers around the pocket like Byron Leftwich and has never been able to have success in the face of a fierce pass rush. He's especially vulnerable when pressure comes straight up the middle, as he has a tendency to retreat straight backward, throw off his back foot, and make poor decisions that lead to turnovers. His body language is also very easy to read -- he's got a pep in his step when things are going well, but he sulks his shoulders once the tide starts to turn.

Crist Says: I could make a very convincing argument that Grossman is the most polarizing athlete the Windy City has ever seen, no matter the sport. From the day he was taken in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft to the moment he was reportedly headed to the Texans, some Bears fans never believed in him while others still feel -- even after everything he's put them through -- he can be a good one. He didn't take it very well when he lost the starting job to Kyle Orton last season, but perhaps he's come to accept the fact that he'll have to wait for another opportunity behind Matt Schaub in Houston.

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