Schaub A Bright Spot in Preseason

Matt Schaub still must answer to critics who question his ability to stay healthy, but it's been tough to pick apart many other aspects of his game this preseason. The veteran quarterback has performed well this summer and looks like he might be poised for a big year.

Many experts believe that the Texans will go as far as quarterback Matt Schaub can take them, and the biggest thing for Schaub is to be able to suit up healthy for 16 games. Although there's no guarantee that Schaub won't get injured, there is reason to believe that if he's playing he will be very good.

In year three as a starting quarterback, Schaub has seemed to take a big step in commanding the Houston Texans offense. Through two games, Schaub has completed 18 of his 23 pass attempts, for 167 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. The Texans signal caller has posted passer rating numbers of 108.3 and 105.5, and he has given Texans fans hope that the league's third-ranked offense of a year ago will be no fluke.

Schaub spoke about the touchdown drive he led his team on against the New Orleans Saints last Saturday.

"We came out and we had a good plan to start," Schaub said. "We were able to execute it, and guys stepped up and made a play. That's what we needed to do. We just needed to play our game, concentrate on us, because it's about us and not them, and just go and play our game."

Schaub knows that whatever happens in preseason means virtually nothing toward regular season success, but there is something to prove for an offense that had troubles finishing drives a year ago.

"We just want to get better as a team," the Texans signal caller told reporters. "We want to play consistently throughout the game, from the first snap through the last whistle and just play our game and not worry about what they're doing. Just go out and cut it loose."

The Texans offense is expected to get some extra run this Monday night as they take on the Minnesota Vikings, so many would say that this is the most important tilt of the entire preseason.

"It's the game that we play the most as far as starters go, but they're all important," Schaub said. "It's a chance to show where you are as a football player and as a team. So we look at all of them as big games."

If the Texans first-team offense can continue its fine play Monday night against a very tough Minnesota Vikings defense, it will give everyone even more reason to believe that the 2009 Texans will be for real.

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