Week Two NFL Power Rankings

Two weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and we have some shakeups in our top 10.

1. New York Giants- Previous ranking: (1)
Eli may not be worth the contract, but ask Dallas if they'd like to have him.
2. Baltimore Ravens- Previous ranking: (8)
These guys look like the best team in the AFC right now.
3. New Orleans Saints- Previous ranking: (10)
Drew Brees may be the best quarterback in the game.
4. New York Jets- Previous ranking: (14)
Defense is awesome right now, how far can a rookie quarterback take them?
5. Atlanta Falcons- Previous ranking: (9)
Everyone should have a man-crush on Matt Ryan.
6. New England Patriots- Previous ranking: (2)
Brady doesn't look like Brady yet. The defense is missing Seymour.
7. Indianapolis Colts- Previous ranking: (12)
Still not convinced that the Colts are the best team in the south, but they're off to their usual quick start.
8. Pittsburgh Steelers- Previous ranking: (3)
Defense is still excellent, but they miss Polamalu.
9. Minnesota Vikings- Previous ranking: (11)
Favre is managing the game to perfection. Now let's see how they do against a real defense.
10. Philadelphia Eagles- Previous ranking: (6)
Defense was shredded by Drew Brees. It happens to every team.
11. San Diego Chargers- Previous ranking: (2)
Rivers is great, but the loss of Jamaal Williams is big.
12. San Francisco 49ers- Previous ranking: (17)
Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the game. I still don't believe in Shaun Hill.
13. Buffalo Bills- Previous ranking: (13)
Trent Edwards has played very well in the first two games. The O-line is still a question mark.
14. Houston Texans- Previous ranking: (21)
Still inconsistent, but the come from behind win does wonders for their confidence.
15. Green Bay Packers- Previous ranking: (4)
A pretty good defense gone bad. Need to rebound this week against St. Louis.
16. Dallas Cowboys- Previous ranking: (16)
Romo needs to be more careful with the football.
17. Tennessee Titans- Previous ranking: (5)
Must-win situation this week on the road against the New York Jets.
18. Chicago Bears- Previous ranking: (18)
Gutsy win by the Bears. Nice job by Cutler.
19. Arizona Cardinals- Previous ranking: (24)
They dispelled the West Coast-East Coast myth. How much do you make of a win against a horrible Jags team?
20. Oakland Raiders- Previous ranking: (20)
Were outplayed thoroughly and found a way to win. Russell is not the answer.
21. Seattle Seahawks- Previous ranking (15)
Hasselbeck is hurt again. This looks like a replay of last season.
22. Carolina Panthers- Previous ranking: (22)
They have problems stopping the run and the quarterback isn't that good. Not a good combo.
23. Miami Dolphins- Previous ranking: (23)
Great clock management.
24. Washington Redskins- Previous ranking: (19)
Yes, you drop five spots for only beating the Rams by two at home.
25. Denver Broncos- Previous ranking: (25)
Worst 2-0 team in the history of the NFL.
26. Cincinnati Bengals- Previous ranking: (27)
Impressive win over Green Bay, but they never should have lost to the worst now 2-0 team in the history of the NFL.
27. Kansas City Chiefs- Previous ranking: (28)
Lots of mistakes against Oakland, but those mistakes are fixable.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars- Previous ranking: (25)
The offense was the only thing uglier than the attendance figures.
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Previous ranking: (30)
Not a bad offense. Worst defense in the league.
30. St. Louis Rams- Previous ranking: (32)
They played a tough game on the road. Perhaps they're headed in the right direction?
31. Detroit Lions- Previous ranking: (31)
19 losses and counting.
32. Cleveland Browns- Previous ranking: (28)
Getting blown out by Denver is unacceptable.

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