Jaguars: What We Learned Against Houston

The Jaguars found a way to get the job done for the first time this season as they defeated the Houston Texans, 31-24. Let's see how our keys to victory played out.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on defense:

1. Don't play scared.
The Jaguars looked loose on both sides of the ball. They were picked apart through the air, but they made enough stops in the end.

2. Change up your looks. The Jaguars played mostly 3-4, and in the fourth quarter they were able to get some pressure on the quarterback.

3. Tackle better. The Jaguars did a much better job of getting Texans ball carries to the ground.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on offense:

1. Run the ball.
How does 184 yards on 31 carries work for you?

2. No turnovers. They turned it over once on a Mike Sims-Walker fumble, and it nearly cost them the game. The important part was that the team won the turnover battle.

3. Play like your job is on the line. David Garrard was efficient, but Reggie Nelson still struggled.

What to look for:

1. Look for Maurice Jones-Drew to get over 100. The Jaguars dynamic back gained 119 and scored three times.

2. Look for Schaub to throw for nearly 300.
Schaub threw for 300 yards and completed 26 of 35 passes. He torched the Jaguars defense.

3. Look for the Texans to register at least three sacks
. The Jacksonville offensive line stonewalled Houston and gave David Garrard great protection all day long.

4. Look for Andre Johnson to have a rough day.
It was rough because the Texans lost. Otherwise, Johnson caught four passes for 86 yards.

5. Look for a trick play.
The closest thing to a trick play was the Jaguars fake reverse, quarterback keeper that gained 30 yards.

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