Texans Battling Opponents, Virus

Last week, the Texans had the first confirmed case of swine flu in the NFL. Rookie tight end Anthony Hill, a fourth-round pick, became so ill on Wednesday that he was taken to the hospital. The original diagnosis was viral pneumonia.

After Hill underwent more tests, the doctors diagnosed him with swine flu. He spent two nights in the hospital, was treated with anti-viral medicine used to treat the traditional flu virus, and he was released.

Hill said Monday he felt good enough to return. The doctors told him if he goes 49 hours without a fever, they'll clear him to return.

Coach Gary Kubiak said the Texans were taking every precaution. Team doctors told players if they suffered any flu-like symptoms to report to head trainer Geoff Kaplan.

On the Sunday morning of the Oakland game, free safety Eugene Wilson was so ill he had trouble walking. He was diagnosed with flu-like symptoms and told to go home. He should be ready to play against Arizona.

Running back Chris Brown and linebacker Xavier Adibi had gastro illnesses, according to a team doctor. Brown suited up but didn't play. Adibi played on special teams.

Rookie center Antoine Caldwell reported to work Monday with flu-like symptoms.

Team doctor James Muntz met with the media and said only Hill has a confirmed case of swine flu. He said others with flu-like symptoms are being treated like they would be with any flu virus.

"We had some guys dealing with some issues," Kubiak said. "It seems like they're just popping up, but we found a way to work through it. We're monitoring the situation. It's something that's hit us the past four days, and we've got to work through it."

Several players were ill last week, including offensive tackle Eric Winston.

"It affects some guys differently than others," Winston said. "If you have symptoms, you're supposed to tell (Kaplan). I was sick last week, but you have to fight through it."

Players, especially those whose wives are pregnant, are concerned about becoming ill with swine flu because it's highly contagious.

"Sure, you're concerned about it, but what are you going to do?" Winston said. "It is what it is."

All of the players who have been ill are expected to play against the Cardinals.

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