Texans Game Notes

It was business as usual for the Texans as they got off to a big lead, then proceeded to blow that big lead against the Indianapolis Colts. Here's our game notes from the contest.

Texans win coin toss- take the ball

- Opening Possession for Texans

Houston moves down the field with relative ease, facing just one third down on the drive. Matt Schaub was a perfect 6/6 on the drive; Andre Johnson with two big catches in traffic. Offensive line picked up Colts blitzes and created room for Slaton and Chris Brown to run. Drive capped by a great play-action fake by Schaub who tossed to Vonta Leach for an easy eight-yard score. 7-0 Texans. Drive covered 79 yards on 11 plays and took 6:35 off the clock.

Colts opening possession on their own 23

Texans open in nickel, lots of room for Addai to run. They switch back to a base 4-3 and Manning makes them pay underneath. Dunta Robinson stops Addai for a two-yard loss, Manning then misfires, and rookie Connor Barwin sacks Manning on third down as he beats Ryan Diem with a speed rush. Nice five and out.

Texans take over on their own 34

Schaub hits Chris Brown out of the backfield, then Brown runs for a tough four yards. Great bootleg by Schaub who hits a wide open Kevin Walter. Houston is really taking advantage of a young Colts secondary. Texans are in FG range in just three plays (well, maybe). More tough running from Brown and Slaton get the ball into the red zone. Slaton up the middle for eight more. Brown into the end zone from five yards away. Texans offensive line mauled the Indy defensive line. 14-0 Texans. Drive covered 66 yards on seven plays; 3:46 off the clock.

Colts take over on their own 17

Manning to Garcon underneath for 14. Manning hits Wayne for another first down. Manning is heating up as he hits Clark across midfield. Holding penalty on first down puts the Colts behind the sticks as the first quarter ends. Texans begin the second quarter with an interception by Brian Cushing as Antonio Smith hits Manning. Personal foul on Smith negates the return, but Houston ball nonetheless.

Texans take over on the Indy 40

Schaub remains perfect as he hits Slaton underneath for seven. After a first down run by Slaton, Andre Johnson drops a perfectly thrown touchdown pass. Screen pass to Slaton gets another Texans first down inside the red zone. After a couple runs and a false start by Duane Brown, the Texans faced third and 10. Schaub throws incomplete to Johnson in the end zone and it's time for the Kris Brown adventure. Brown barely hits a 35-yard field goal to put Houston up 17-0.

Colts ball on their own 26

Manning hits Collie over the middle, then Brown runs for nine yards. Addai gets them the first and they're into Houston territory. Another personal foul penalty on Antonio Smith puts Indy into field goal range. Addai screen puts the Colts into the red zone. Manning hits Clark for a first down, then Addai runs for five. Garcon makes a juggling catch for the touchdown. 17-7 Texans. Colts go 74 yards in eight plays in just 5:03.

Texans ball on their own 20

Big possession for Houston, they must at least change field position as Indy has the momentum. Schaub scrambles for a first down (in slow motion) then hits Kevin Walter to get into Indy territory. More tough running by Brown and Slaton to get Houston near field goal range. Two-minute warning. Schaub hits Walter again for another first down. Great toe-tap by Andre Johnson for an eight-yard gain as he's fully extended. After a third-down conversion fails, Brown hits a 37-yard FG to put Houston up 20-7 with one minute left.

Colts ball on their own 18

Big defensive stand for Houston is needed. First-down throw to Collie for 12 yards. Manning underneath to Donald Brown for seven. Colts must burn a timeout with 24 seconds left. Dallas Clark gets a first down and gets out of bounds. Brice McCain ends the Indy drive with an interception. McCain jumped in front of Reggie Wayne and made the pick.

First half thoughts:

Texans haven't punted on offense and they are dominating the line of scrimmage. The Colts defense looks much different without Dwight Freeney. Schaub has been excellent and the Texans have run for 90 yards. Defensively, Houston had picked Manning off twice and they are getting some sporadic pressure. Manning has still completed 12 of his 15 throws but most have been underneath. Reggie Wayne has been shut down as he has just one catch for seven yards.

Colts ball on their own 20

Colts benefit from a ridiculous pass interference penalty on Jacques Reeves to put the ball deep into Texans territory. Third down pass interference penalty on Glover Quin puts the ball on the one-yard line. Addai takes a shovel pass just short. Addai loses four as DeMeco Ryans drops him at the five. Touchdown Reggie Wayne on a fade over Dunta Robinson. 20-14 Texans. Nine plays, 80 yards, 3:40.

Texans ball on their own 17

Another big drive for the Texans offense. Slaton is still running hard as he gains 15 yards on two rushes. Schaub is then picked off by Antoine Bethea on a poorly throw deep route. Looked like Johnson ran the wrong route.

Colts ball on their own 17

Huge series for the Texans defense. Manning to Garcon for 13. Texans defense is loosening. Manning sacked by Mario Williams. Underneath throw to Brown. Third and long for the Colts. Underneath again to Clark but short of the first down. Great job by the Texans defense.

Texans start from their own 11

Schaub nearly dropped for a safety on first down. Brown for four yards. False start on third down (Chris White) makes for a third and 11. Schaub finds Slaton short of the first. Turk on for his first punt.

Colts start from their own 35

Short gain by Addai and then a short throw to Dallas Clark leaves a third and short. Clark again about two inches short of a first down. Addai barely gets the first after dodging a tackle in the backfield by Brian Cushing. Manning to Garcon nullified by a holding penalty. Manning to Garcon again for a big gain of 25 into Texans territory. Addai for seven yards. Manning to Clark for another first down. Manning to Clark again. A short loss by Addai and a pair of incompletions lead to a short 33-yard field goal by Stover which sails wide. Big break for the Texans.

Texans begin from their own 23

Slaton goes the wrong way on a screen which costs the team big yards leaving a third and long. Schaub under-throws Anderson and the Texans have to punt again. Houston has just two first downs in the second half.

Colts start from their own 11

Addai takes a vicious shot on first down, then Manning goes no huddle and hits Colle for 31 yards. Collie for eight more. Addai for 10 on the ground and Indy is in field goal range. Interference penalty on Dunta Robinson puts the Colts in the red zone. Brown for five yards. Texans defense is reeling. Brown for six more, first and goal. Dallas Clark wide open for the touchdown. Colts 21, Texans 20. Seven plays, 89 yards in just 2:50.

Texans start from their own 20

The air has been let out of the building and the Texans need to respond with a score. Dropped pass on first down by Vonta Leach. You can feel this one slipping away. No sooner as I type Clint Session steps in front of a Matt Schaub pass and takes it 27 yards to the end zone. Colts 28, Texans 20.

Texans start from their own 20

Short passes to Walter, then Casey, then Leach. Texans are taking what the Colts are giving which is not much. Casey catches a pass over the middle into Indy territory. Holding penalty on Winston sets the Texans behind the sticks. Drive and all hopes of winning end as Schaub is stripped from behind by Robert Mathis.

Colts start from the Texans 37

Addai for two, Addai for 15. Texans defense is quitting from being on the field nearly the entire second half. Simpson rushes for 23 yards and a touchdown as he breaks four tackles. Colts 35, Texans 20. That's your ball game.

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