Bullough: "I'm past that"

Former MSU linebacker back in East Lansing for pro day, focused on the future not what's behind with Rose Bowl suspension.

Back at Michigan State for the first time since his Rose Bowl suspension, Max Bullough felt right at home during pro day.

"My standing regarding Michigan State is great," he said. "What I've done here the past four years, what this team has done, what Coach D has done, my standing is great. I love my teammates, they love me, same with the coaching staff."

The former Michigan State middle linebacker said he has answered questions from every NFL team about the suspension that caused him to miss the Spartans' first appearance in Pasadena since 1988.

He said it was something he knows he brought on himself.

"It was a mistake that I made and I apologized to my team, I talked to my team," he said. "I'm past that. Myself and my team, the (NFL) teams, Coach D, we're all past that. We are moving forward.

"They're not worried about the Rose Bowl last year, they're worried next year."

Focused on his future destination, Bullough has been working out in California since the Rose Bowl.

"I've been working hard and doing everything," he said. "I was training for the combine for a while only I didn't have to do all of it here, so I've been training the past few weeks and I think it's paid off."

After being at the NFL Combine in late February, he cut down his 40-yard dash time from a 4.78 to an unofficial 4.69.

Taking part in some of the drills as well, he said he has is not concerned with projections. Instead, he is focused on what he can control.

"I just worry about getting better, working hard, bending my knees and getting my hips low and where I go, I go," he said.

One of the things he has been working on is keeping at a good playing weight after reportedly showing up the East-West Shrine Game at 265 pounds – 20 pounds more than his playing weight at Michigan State.

"Leading up to that game, I was lifting a lot, I was eating a lot, wasn't running very much because I was doing the technique of all drills and that's something I haven't really been a part of," he said. "I've always either been in season, winter conditioning or summer conditioning, so I thought I could eat like that and I can't. I think I've prove I have the discipline not.

"I love the routine I'm in now. I feel like I'm much better at 248 than I ever was when I played here. I really think I can be a different player at the NFL."

But no matter where he goes – and despite missing the final game of his career – he said he was excited to be back in East Lansing and to be back in the future.

"I'm a Spartan," he said. "I've been a Spartan since I was a kid, I'll be a Spartan forever. Some of my best friends are here. Coach D has been a father figure to me.

"This is a place I'll always hold dear to my heart my whole life."

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