McCluster Excited To Be A Titan

Titans new Running Back, Dexter McCluster, discusses his excitement and plan to help change their offensive game.

From the Chiefs to the Titans, Nashville fans welcome the former Rebel, Dexter McCluster.

The first day of training camp can be a bitter sweet experience for the players, rolling plays without pads but giving everyone a chance to iron-out the kinks. McCluster gave the fans and the coaching staff something to look at by showing off his impressive skills as the teams new running back.

When asked about his role in advancing this teams offensive game he replies, “I just want to be that spark plug. I want to be the guy that if something needs to happen, I want to have the mindset you know, lets go and do it and it can be contagious. We have a lot of guys with the same attitude and when you have guys like that who are leaders, good things happen.”

McCluster has predominantly played receiver in his recent career, however the Titans find more use for him as a running back. His adjustment feels a little more at home than some might think.

“Having been a running back my whole life, playing receiver, I was just an athlete so I was able to make that work but I feel back at home right now and I’m taking full advantage of that.”

As his running game feels the same, his passing game will be something to get use to having Locker as his new quarterback. Fortunately, when asked about Lockers passing game he says, “Locker is a great quarterback and a great guy off the field, he’s also a great teacher. As a quarterback, you have to know what everyone has to do and if I’m unsure about something, he can feel everything out to let me know what’s going on so that I don’t miss a beat. He’s doing a great job so far.”

Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt has made it clear he too, has a lot of faith in this strong player. McCluster’s youth, quick feet, advanced speed and the right mindset, will really give fans something to look forward too this season.

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