Jake Locker Improving His Skills

Coaching staff say Jake has improved already in just the last few weeks alone, but it all starts with his feet.

The 2014 season has started off on a rather positive note, beginning with Jake Locker. After ending the 2013 season in 7-9 and with a new head coach on deck, the Titans are ready to make some changes.

Head coach, Ken Whisenhunt states, “I’ve been happy with Jake. From where he was when we started and the way he has progressed, there is a lot that I like and hopefully that train will continue.”

Earning the confidence of coaching staff and teammates, Jake has worked incredibly hard over the course of three years to really prove himself. Having fallen short a few times, Titans quarterback coach, John McNulty concludes that Locker’s progression begins with his feet.

“He’s an accurate thrower and he feels comfortable with what we’re doing. We’ve gotten into a groove of doing a handful of reps and under certain concepts, he’s gotten comfortable with it. He’s really able to move those feet with progression quickly and get them to the target. When he brings that back foot up with him on the throw, then he’s accurate.”

Even with an accurate throw or the perfectly placed stance, the practice of technique given particular circumstances, is what McNulty has been focusing on.

“He’s been working hard on his footwork...the only times he gets in a little bit of trouble is when he gets over extended or he just doesn’t get his feet set and flips it out quick and then its kind of hit or miss, but he’s worked awfully hard.”

With just a few more weeks left before game time, there’s still plenty of practice to be done. Putting his best foot forward, no pun intended, the young quarterback and family man will continue to work hard, as he is the biggest key to a successful season.

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