Life In The NFL Not Always Easy

What you see on Sunday's is only part of the story of life in the NFL.

When fans look at NFL players they often see the glitz and glamor associate with being a member of one of the most recognizable brands in the country, but that's only a small part of life in "the league."

For some players it is not all fun, parties and travel. Titans running back Jackie Battle is one of those people.

Battle is a native of Humble, Texas, who spent his collegiate career playing at the University of Houston before entering the NFL in 2007.

Entering his second season with the Titans, Battle is working hard during this training camp learning a new position, but his heart is at least partially elsewhere.

Married with two children, Battle is in Nashville while his wife and children, including a new born are back home in Texas.

The couples will split time between the two cities, but for the moment Battle must live without them. Jackie had not seen his family in three weeks. That changed Sunday.

Battle posted the following message on his Twitter account Sunday afternoon. He flew home to Houston early Sunday morning, spent the day with his family, then flew back to Nashville Sunday night.

That's the glamorous life of an NFL player on his off day.

"My family stayed back in Houston because we just had our second kid and I can't be much help to my wife during training camp," said Battle. "So she stayed back home where she can have some help from the family and all that by being close to home."

Being separated from ones family is never easy, but for Battle that is life in the NFL.

"It's hard," continued Battle. "I just have to take every opportunity I can to get back and see then.

For Battle the wait to be reunited with his family won't be much longer.

"Once the season gets started, they're all going to come up," said Battle, with a big smile.

That's life in the NFL, at least for Jackie Battle.

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