Pollard: "We Were Disgusted With It"

Bernard Pollard is perhaps the official, unofficial spokesman for the Titans defense, and always good for a quote or two.

The Tennessee Titans first team defense didn't fare well in the first quarter of their preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers Saturday night at L.P. Field.

In fact they were pushed around pretty good by a Packers offense that did not include Aaron Rodgers or Eddie Lacy.

The Packers needed just 4:26 to run 8 plays and cover 64 yards before James Starks capped the drive with a 20 yard touchdown run.

The Titans defense did recover and play somewhat better in the second and third series of the first quarter, forcing the Packers into a three-and-out in their second series and allowing just six plays before forcing a punt on their third.

Bernard Pollard spoke openly Monday about the defense struggling on that first series, and his comments are as always are very interesting.

"We watched the film and just kind of looking at what happened it was nothing that they did , it was all our mistakes," said Pollard. "In this league you can't have mistakes like that whether it's a great day with weather or a horrible day like we had with the rain."

Pollard went further in describing his feelings on the less than acceptable first effort.

"I thought we can back today and had a great day of practice, because it's on us," continued Pollard. "It's all on us. If we are to take this league over, we want to dominate the way we want to dominate, we have to be consistent. We cannot let loose or let down the way we did."

"Just looking at that, watching that film, we were disgusted with it," concluded Pollard. "We were adamant with doing that today."

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