Titans Hunter Must Be More Than Just A Guy

Justin Hunter has all the athletic talent needed to be a superstar.

It has been widely reported since Monday's practice that wide receiver Justin Hunter's name was missing from the nameplate on the back of his jersey, and replaced with the letters JAG.

No this was not a reference to the former television show of the same name about Naval lawyers, this one stands for "Just Another Guy."

Following yesterday's practice, wide receiver Kendal Wright and others were tough on Hunter in prodding him to explain his new name.

"Tell them what JAG means," said Wright. "Tell them, tell them, don't you lie Justin Hunter, everybody gonna tell them."

Hunter, sitting sheepishly inside his locker was slow to comment about the change.

"Why yall got the camera's in my face," said Hunter with a laugh. "It means just a guy."

Hunter acquired his new moniker from wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson after he failed to properly execute a conversion in Saturday night's preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. Hunter was subsequently called out by head coach Ken Whisenhunt in a team meeting, leading Jefferson to the name change.

"I just messed up on a conversion and Whiz called me out," admitted Hunter. "They put that on the back of my jersey, so I got to earn my name back."

The simple fact is that Hunter, who is arguably the most athletic member of the team must be more than "just a guy" if the Titans offense is to elevate to the next level.

That athleticism is the reason the Titans moved up in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft to select the former University of Tennessee start. His size, speed and specifically his incredible leaping ability are unmatched by any other receiver on this team.

Wright is an incredible talent, blessed with speed and elusiveness. Nate Washington is the wily veteran who knows how to play the position, but is also long in the tooth and nearing the end of his career.

That means that Hunter, with all of his gifts must live up to the ability he possesses to reward the Titans for their confidence in him.

It is not news that the Titans have had far to many busts with top draft picks, including most recently first round receiver Kenny Britt, whose disappearance made drafting Hunter a necessity.

I'm in no way implying that Hunter is anything near a bust, in fact his performance to this point in camp has done nothing to discourage the thought that Hunter will be anything but a star in this league.

If you are the Titans, changing his name is all in fun, but this team needs Justin Hunter to be more than "Just A Guy" if the 2014 addition is going to contend as a playoff caliber team.

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