Training Camp: Day 21

Day 21 of camp was the most spirited practice of camp so far.

It was the most intense and spirited day of camp to this point. After Monday's practice that saw the offense struggle, they returned for Tuesday's practice with a new purpose and intensity. Not to be outdone the defense stepped their level up as well.

* The offense got the day started as Michael Preston behind Ri'Shard Anderson early in the seven-on-seven work for a long touchdown completion from Charlie Whitehurst.

* Coty Sensabaugh returned the favor as he made a leaping deflection of a Jake Locker pass intended for Isiah Williams.

* Kendall Wright made a great catch on a sideline route against man coverage from Tommie Campbell. Wright was falling down toward the sideline and caught the pass through the legs of Campbell, who had perfect coverage. The pass, if thrown in the intended position would likely have been deflected. It was in such a position that Wright made an unbelievable catch.

* Tommie Campbell has improved his performance the last few days of camp. Though still not in contention for a spot on the first team, he has played better and not had the noticeable bad plays that were plaguing him early in camp.

* Rookie free agent Jaz Reynolds made a great jab step and cut inside safety Michael Griffin in man coverage to make a nice gain on a short slant route.

* After having his name removed from his jersey yesterday, Justin Hunter returned to practice with his name intact and proceeded to burn Jason McCourty on a deep sideline bomb to complete a perfect throw from Jake Locker.

* Hunter then out jumped Tommie Campbell in the end zone for another score, this in eleven-on-eleven work. The pass was put on target by Whitehurst.

* Nate Washington and Jason McCourty matched up one on one and it was Washington making a catch in very tight coverage in the back of the end zone. There was debated between the offensive and defensive players as to whether his feet were down in bounds, but it was a great effort either way.

* The high spirit and higher intensity level reached the top when linebacker David Gilbert and tight end Chase Coffman locked up on a play and begane to battle afterwards. Coffman was slung to the ground and several other players, including Brian Schwenke and Bernard Pollard. It took several seconds to separate the group of more than 20 players got involved. Tight end Delanie Walker grabbed Pollard and got between he and Eric Olsen, and could be heard telling Pollard to stop.

* Today was the last open practice for the public. Wednesday the team will practice again at 2:50, with no fan access.

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