Whisenhunt Looking For Simple Things Tonight

The Titans want to win, but Ken Whisnehunt wants to see them win one-on-one

Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt shared some thoughts on tonight's preseason match up against the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome.

It looks like t he plan will be kept simple, as there will be no game plan,but rather the coaching staff wants to see players in situations and see just who can line up and beat the man in front of them.

"We should be able to see a lot more of what we can do offensively," stated Whisnehunt. "We’re not trying to game plan or run all of our offense, but just see some match up with some players and being able to win."

Whisenhunt also spoke on the slippiness in tackling the team experienced at times last week.

"It sure seems to happen that way. I’d like to not expect it, but I think you’re aware that it does happen,"said Whisenhunt. "I think every year, at this time, we’re talking about that."

Whisenhunt would not name specifics, but acknowledged that there could be some changes this week in personel.

"We’ll do some things. We’ll switch some different spots to look at them. It’s kind of hard, because last week was really hard to evaluate as far as all that goes," continued Whisenhunt. "It was an evaluation, but it wasn’t what you would use normally as an evaluation."

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