Stadium Issues Continue For Titans

Kenneth Adams (above) speaking to the media at the recent announcement of the new naming deal for Nissan Stadium could become the face of the teams ownership.

They just can’t seem to get it right.

Such is the case of the Tennessee Titans and the newly named Nissan Stadium when it comes to concessions and gates for sporting events at the facility.

While I’m no soccer fan, and was not at the stadium when the U.S. men’s soccer team played an exhibition game at Nissan Stadium over the weekend, sports talk radio and fans alike that were in attendance on Friday night echoed the same sentiments that we have heard over the last season.

Long lines for concessions and poor service along with entrance gates being closed causing long lines to enter the stadium were reported for an event that brought roughly forty thousand fans to the game. A far cry from the 68 thousand that the stadium holds for a Titans game when it is full.

So why is it that this continues to occur even after the team’s ownership made sweeping changes in the front office as it relates to the stadium?

Don McLaughlin was fired from his position that included being over the stadium, replaced by multiple people assuming various parts of his duties. Bob Flynn has taken over the facilities portion for the Titans with the promise from management that these issues would be fixed, yet once again the complaints are loud.

This could be an aberration as Flynn has not been in place during a season and this was the first sporting event at the stadium since he took over. However, reports of issues with long lines and wait times for concession were heard following the recently concluded CMA Fest and Rolling Stones concerts that took place inside the stadium in the last month.

Fans have have clamored for a Nashville presence from the team’s ownership for several years, all the while the teams’ owner Bud Adams remained in Houston until his death. His family who assumed control of the team after his passing remains in Houston.

That is all but young Kenneth Adams IV, the grandson of the late Bud Adams who lives in Nashville and was tabbed by the franchises founder to take the reins at his death. That didn’t happen as the younger Adams holds just 11 percent control of the team. The majority shareholder refused to allow him to assume control.

Of late however, Adams IV has been more visible locally including representing the family at the announcement of the name change of the stadium from L.P. Field to Nissan Stadium.

The emergence of Kenneth Adams IV could well be the change the team needs going forward, but he has his work cut out for him if he is indeed destined to take control of this floundering franchise.

What’s the solution?

I don’t have that answer and don’t profess to have them. It’s clear that the team has some work to do to fix the problems before the season begins or the rumblings that have taken place over the last few seasons will continue to spread.

That’s something that a team looking to rebuild both their on-field product and their relationship with a slipping fan base can’t afford if fans are to return to the stadium to support this team.

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