5 Reasons The Titans Fail In 2015

What could be worse than last season's 2-14 record? Not much. Still things could not work out well for the Titans and here are 5 reasons that could happen.

Could the Tennessee Titans be any worse in 2015 than they were in 2014? Absolutely.

So how could this team be worse?

After a 2-14 season the team could fail to win a single game, which would be far worse and tie an infamous make in NFL history.

While I don’t think that will be the case for this edition of the Titans, still there is a chance that while the team might be improved they still could falter and fail to make the playoffs for what would be a seventh consecutive season.

Considering the recent revelations coming from news reports on the Titans ticket selling issues, the complaints about the game day experiences, rumors that the team might be up for sale, and the general dysfunction that has been the ownership group since the death of team founder Bud Adams, this franchise and fan base cannot stand another season of 2-14 or worse.

What could cause this year’s Titans team to fall to those levels? We take a look at the five biggest reasons here.

1) Rookie struggles : Marcus Mariota is a rookie starting quarterback and he is expected to face the rookie struggles that every first year player experiences.

However, if Mariota struggles more than expected or can’t make the transition from the spread option he ran in college to a pro-system then the Titans offense that was bad last year could take a step back.

The Titans want Mariota to be the starter, but if he struggles and they team is forced to switch quarterbacks, there is no guarantees that Zach Mettenberger or Charlie Whitehurst can lead this team to success.

2) Injuries: This one is easy and can be said for every team in any sport, but it is most prophetic for the Titans who saw last season become even more difficult with the amount of injuries to the offensive line and season ending injuries in general that forced the team to sign several players off the street and start them the following Sunday. It’s not a scenario that the team wants, or can afford to endure again.

3) Offensive line continue to fail: Chance Warmack finally started to live up to the potential he had as last season closed, but he was the only one. Andy Levitre struggled all season and injuries played a huge part as Taylor Lewan, Michael Oher and Brian Schwenke all suffered season ending injuries.

If this line can’t gel and find their identity together then it could be another long year for an offense that wasn’t good and will be starting a rookie quarterback for the second straight season.

4) Keep On Running:,/i> To borrow a song title from the Spencer Davis Group, if the Titans defense allows opponents to “Keep On Running” like they did last season then this year’s season will likely face the same fate as a year ago.

5) Ken Whisenhunt: A lot of the talk surrounding the Titans and their selection of Marcus Mariota centered around Whisenhunt and his statements that he would try to tailor the team’s offense to fit what Mariota did in college rather than forcing the quarterback to adapt to his system.

While we watched Mariota work in the OTA’s and mini-camp, it was hard to tell exactly what the offense will look like and how much of Mariota’s college scheme will be incorporated for him this year.

If the offense doesn’t fit Mariota and he is forced to learn how to play in a strictly pro-style offense as a rookie then things could turn bad.

Anything can happen, and sometimes does in an NFL season, these are the worst case scenarios for the Titans this season. We are not predicting that these things will occur, but if they do then this could be another long year for the Titans and their fans.

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