Mettenberger Ranks In Top 10 NFL Backups

Zach Mettenberger got some praise this week when he was ranked fifth among all 32 NFL backups.

Titans backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger has been the source of some negative stories at times during his short tenure with the Titans.

Of course we all remember the bar incident where he was the victim of a sucker punch to the face. He showed up to meet with the media in his replica 80’s workout look and of course the selfie issues that reappeared just recently with Mettenberger calling out J.J. Watt some nine months after the fact.

In spite of all those off field annoyances, it seems the second year quarterback has done enough to impress some people at the NFL Network.

The networks Marc Sessler examined all 32 backup quarterbacks in a recent story on their site, and surprisingly Mettenberger came in as the fifth best backup in the league. High praise for a player who struggled in his time in a starters role last season.

Sessler’s assessment of Mettenberger was mostly positive, which likely took into account how bad his team was last season rather than just his win-loss record as the starter.

”Near fistfights have unfolded in the NFL newsroom over Mettenberger. I'd take him in a second over some of the warmed-over aging flotsam on this list. He needs work -- some of his tape is apocalyptic -- but there's plenty to work with.”

There is no doubt about the arm talent Mettenberger possesses, and as the article stated, he needs work but there is plenty to work with.

Only Mark Sanchez (Eagles), Mike Glennon (Buccaneers), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Texans) and Jimmy Garoppolo (Patriots) were ranked higher than Mettenberger on the list.

Other notables who ranked lower than Mettenberger include Kirk Cousins, Derek Anderson, Ryan Mallet and former first round pick Christian Ponder.

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