Titans Night Practice Turns Physical

While a lot will be made of the three scraps that occurred during Monday's night practice, tackle Taylor Lewan cautioned media members that was not the main thing to take away from the nights events.

Another large crowd of fans watched the Tennessee Titans get physical, and at times heated during Monday’s night practice at St. Thomas Sports Park.

It was by far the most physical and spirited practice of training camp, but tackle Taylor Lewan urged media members to not make the night about the fights, but rather about the intensity and effort the team showed.

”That’s good, but I think if you guys made a scene about the fights it would be a huge disservice to how physical and awesome this practice was,” said Lewan.

Three “scraps” that occurred during the practice served to highlight Lewan’s comments about the physical nature that took place during the two and a half hour practice session.

”I think you should not look at the fights because that’s part of football and part of training camp and it’s not going to happen during games,” continued Lewan. “That’s not the kind of team we’re going to be, but this team played so hard today and so physical, it would be a shame (media) if you guys turn this into a couple scraps on the field.

It’s nothing new to see players become entangled and tempers flare in practice, especially during the heat of training camp and as Lewan suggested, this practice was far more than just scraps.

Nashville,Tn. Monday August 3, 2015: Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan speaking with the media in front of his locker following Monday's night practice at St. Thomas Sports Park.

With the team having a day off on Tuesday, the intensity was there early on and continued throughout the night as players on both sides of the football made plays and chattered at teammates throughout the session.

Intensity and emotion are part of the game, and if tonight’s practice was any indication of how the 2015 Titans team will go about their business, then this team will be a scrappy, intense bunch.

”It’s camp, it’s going to happen, it’s not a big deal,” stated Lewan. “Like I said, if you guys make this practice about fights, it’s going to do a huge disservice to the fans.”

”As a team we played so physical, so aggressive, and if we play like that in games with better technique and fundamentals we’re going to win a lot of games this season.”

The fights are certainly part of the story, but when taken in the entirety of the practice as a whole, it was a very intense practice and to the lay-person it appeared to be a good night of work with both sides of the football having their moments to shine at the expense of the other side.

”I’m tired, I’m beat up, and I know the rest of these guys are, but we’re so excited to have a day (Tuesday) off, but it was awesome,” according to Lewan.

Earlier in the week Lewan had said that he wanted this team to “play dirty” and physical with an attitude. Tonight I think we saw just that from the Titans.

”Yes, that’s exactly what I called for, and it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be beat up and tired when I say it, but these kind of feelings when you;ve worked as hard as this team has worked today, it’s a good beat up feeling, concluded Lewan.

For his part, head coach Ken Whisenhunt did not seem phased by the extra curricular activities.

"I mean, it’s training camp, right, and everyone is a little juiced up because of the crowd. It was a good atmosphere under the lights. They had a little bit more time off between these practices, so it’s not unusual," said WHisenhunt. "The unusual thing is that Karl Klug wasn’t involved in a lot of them."

The Titans will return to the practice field on Wednesday morning for their next practice. They will travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons in their first preseason game in eleven days.

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