Monday's Plain Truth: Any Win's a Good Win

Any win for a Tennessee Titans team that is in the midst of a long losing streak is a good win, even if it is preseason. But is what we saw last night a preview of things to come? Maybe everyone should temper their excitement for a while.

While any win for the Tennessee Titans is a good win right now, last night's impressive preseason win over the visiting St. Louis Rams at Nissan Stadium has jump started fans excitement and in some cases expectations.

Mired in a 10 game losing skid in regular season games that began in week seven last season and has of yet to end, Titans fans want something, anything at this point that shows this team will improve on last seasons 2-14 mark. They got some hope last night.

However, those hopes, excitement and renewed expectations must be tempered.

Yes the offensive line looks like it found something with the revamped lineup, and with that something it seems that Bishop Sankey might no longer be the kicking boy for Titans fans on social media of sports talk radio. He had been the focus of many debates and speculation prior to his solid performance against the Rams.

I have long held that the issues with the Titans running game both last season and just over a week ago against Atlanta were not all Sankey's fault. After all, a bad back in the NFL with a decent offensive line can average two yards per carry, but Sankey couldn't get that.

The plain truth is that the offensive line in it's former state was not good, and while I hesitate to name names, it appears that at least on Sunday night the changes that the coaching staff made last week during practice have at least temporarily patched the hole. Whether or not it will it be a permanent fix remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen if Sankey can continue what he started last night in the regular season, but the Titans schedule certainly lends hope that he and his teammates can continue some semblance of an upward trend.

As a journalist we are supposed to be impartial and objective, which is something I strive for in my approach to the things I write here, but as a human it is hard not to cheer for Sankey. He is a quiet, intelligent,friendly, polite and laid back young man who is always willing to to have someone place a microphone or digital recorder in his face, even if he would rather not speak deep down inside.

Last night however, it was a different Sankey that the one we encountered a week ago. This Bishop Sankey had a smile on his face and a bounce to his movements. It was a telling sign of what even a little success can do for a players confidence.

Last night provided confidence for fans as well, but don't let the next bad game destroy that because we in the media, or fans rush pump this team up to much. After all, they were 2-14 last season and haven't won a regular season game in their last ten attempts.

Keep that in mind as you enjoy a win, even a preseason one.

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