Should Titans Consider Trading Mettenberger?

Some people think that the Titans should trade Zach Mettenberger because his value is up and they have their starting quarterback in place. Is that a good idea?

Marcus Mariota is the unquestioned starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. Ken Whisenhunt said so from the moment the team selected Mariota with the second overall pick in April's NFL Draft.

In spite of Whisenhunt's strong statement some speculated that it could be a competition between the rookie and second year pro Zach Mettenberger for the position.

While Mettenberger has played well in training camp and the preseason, Mariota has been equally as good or better in most cases and is the man for the Titans heading into the 2015 season.

Now some national talking heads and fans alike would like to see the Titans trade Mettenberger to a quarterback needy team for a player at a position of need for the Titans, or a draft pick or two.

Sould the Titans be on the phone trying to trade Mettenberge?

Absolutely not!

First of all, if it is the Titans initiating the calls that immediately drives down the value of the player you are looking to move. The Titans should not call anyone dangling their backup quarterback. If a team calls the Titans then they are in a better position of value to get more from the interested team.

Regardless however of that potential phone call, the Titans should in no way even consider parting with Mettenberger period.

The second year Titans was a sixth round selection, which means he is in the second year of a very cap friendly four-year contract.

Mettenberger is under team control for the next three years, and his cap numbers of $541,279 in 2015, $631,279 in '16 and $721,279 in '17 are perfect for a backup quarterback, especially one who likely has NFL starting ability.

In short, Mettenberger is a cheap-by NFL standards- insurance policy in case Mariota is injured or if by some unexplained reason the rookie struggles.

We saw first hand last season through the merry-go-round of quarterbacks and injuries that the NFL is tough even on quarterbacks, and at some point there is a high probability that a capable backup will be needed.

Mettenberger is that guy.

NASHVILLE, TN- August 23 2015: Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger awaits the shotgun snap in the Titans 27-14 preseason win over the St. Louis Rams. Mettenberger completed a three-yard touchdown pass on the play to tight end Chase Coffman.

Whisenhunt spoke of the value of Mettenberger during his Monday press conference.

You have to give credit to Zach Mettenberger he’s really playing well. A lot of the things we talked about working on in the off seasons, he’s translating to the game," said Whisenhunt. "His footwork is good in the pocket, he moves well. He has made good decisions, he’s been accurate throwing the football."

"He’s a lot more comfortable out there in what we’re asking him to do and to his credit he worked hard in the offseason to get into better shape and his knee is healthier," stated Whisenhunt. "He’s really played well, it’s nice to see, it’s good for our football team."

Charlie Whitehurst is a good guy, and certainly a quality number three quarterback. He is a good mentor for the younger quarterbacks, but he is not a quarterback that you want to have to play five or six games late in the season,

The Titans also have Alex Tanney on the roster, and while he is famous for his trick passes on Youtube, he is an unproven talent and might be someone who will find a place on the practice squad, he is not a number two quarterback at this time.

There is just no good reason for the Titans to even consider moving Mettenberger at this point, unless someone is so desperate that they give up a deal like Minnesota gave Dallas for Hershel Walker back in the 90's.

I don't see that happening, but someone could lose their minds if they feel they are a quarterback away from championship contention.

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