Key Matchup: Titans Defense vs Tampa Offense

The Tennessee Titans defense will face a rookie quarterback on Sunday when Tampa Bay's Jameis Winston makes his first career NFL start. We take a look at some numbers and share where we think the Titans might be able to take advantage of the Buccaneers offense.

The Tennessee Titans kickoff the 2015 NFL season on Sunday when they vist Raymond James Stadium to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

OF course the game is being billed as a matchup between the last two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks in rookies Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, and of course both rookies will start fort their respective teams, and both will play key roles in the outcome of the contest.

The Titans defense, lead by Dick LeBeau will look to take advantage of the youth and inexperience of Winston in the game when the Titans defense is on the field.

Winston has a lethal target in wide receiver Mike Evans on the outside, who is a physical mismatch for the Titans corners, but with LeBeau and his exotic fomrations and zone blitz concepts, we expect the Titans defense to show Winston multiple looks to try to confuse him, and multiple pressures to disrupt his timing and ability to get the football downfield. Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan will be keys for the Titans defense coming off the edge against Winston, who is not a mobile quarterback.

The Titans must be able to confuse and pressure Winston, even if they are not able to sack him, disruption is a must, because of the big arm of Winston and his skilled players on the outside.

If the Titans are not able to produce pressure on Winston, it could be a long day for the defense and with a rookie quarterback of their own, the Titans do not want to get into a shootout in the seaosn opener.

Regardless, this matchup should be fun as both rookie quarterbacks are talented and capable of producing big plays.

It's finally here, let the games begin.

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