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West Happy To Be A Titan

Terrance West spoke with the media on Wednesday following his first practice with the Tennessee Titans following his trade from Cleveland on Sunday.




Terrance West is just happy to be a Tennessee Titan, and he repeated it multiple times when he spoke with the Nashville media for the very first time on Wednesday.

The former Cleveland Browns running back was traded over the weekend to the Titans for a conditional 2016 draft pick. That’s certainly not a lot in return for a back that led their team in rushing with 673 yards last season.

According to reports, the Browns were willing to move on from West because of reported “immaturity and inconsistency” during his rookie season.

West refused to go in depth or to share many thoughts at all on the events that led to his being dealt to the Titans.

“Nothing, that’s the past and another team and I’m with the Tennessee Titans,” said West. “Everything’s about the Tennessee Titans from now on.”

West responded to the immaturity accusations as well.

“It just caught me off guard, said West. “Yeah it caught me off guard.”

Asked if he was had looked at the Titans schedule to know that he would be facing his former team in week two, was to the point.

“No, said West emphatically. “I’m looking forward to Tampa Bay and take it one game at a time.”

While trades are often good for one, or both parties, West added that there would be no chip on his shoulder because of this trade.

“All my life I’ve had something to prove,” said West. “That’s why I carry myself with a chip on my shoulder.”

West said he is not disappointed with being dealt to the Titans, and is looking forward to the new opportunity.  

“I’m not disappointed,-with the trade- it’s just something I’ve got to adjust too,” said West. “Things like this happen every day in the league.”    

“As soon as I got the call that told me I was traded, I was excited,” said West. “When a team trades for you that means they want you and I appreciate the Tennessee Titans and I’m ready to showcase my talent.”

It is unclear as to how much West will be able to contribute against Tampa Bay, though head coach Ken Whisenhunt is hopeful of getting him into the offense in spite of his lack of experience in the Titans system.

“Yeah, well now we’re dealing a little bit more with game plans than we are the whole kitchen sink, per se. Obviously, you focus on that game plan because that’s the language that you’re going to be talking that day in meetings,” said Whisenhunt. “Some of the schematic things that you do, you’ll have to get him up to speed on, but really you try to catch him up with what you’re doing right now, because after all these reps that we’ve gotten, that’s kind of what it’s narrowed down to.”

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