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Rookie quarterback will become part opf two hostorical moments when he takes the field to start for Titans today against Tampa Bay.

Marcus Mariota will become part of TItans and NFL history on Sunday when he takes the field in Tampa to face Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota will step into Titans and NFL history today in Tampa Bay.

He along with Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will become the first rookie quarterbacks drafted first and second overall in the same NFL draft class to face each other on opening day.

Only six time in NFL history have quarterbacks been drafted first and second overall, and only twice before have those quarterbacks faced off during their regular seasons, though neither on opening day of their rookie seasons.

In 1971 Jim Plunkett was take number one overall by New England. Archie Manning was taken second by New Orleans. The two did not face each other that season.

It took 22 years before two quarterbacks would be taken one and two again when it was once again New England, selecting Drew Bledsoe first overall followed by Seattle choosing Rick Mirer second that completed the equasion. The two quarterbacks faced each other in their rookie season, but it did not occur until week three.

Just five years later it would happen again when the Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning first overall in 1998. San Diego's selection of Ryan Leaf marked the third time it would happen. Manning and Leaf faced off in week five of their rookie campaigns, though again not in week one.

A year later it would be Tim Couch going first to Cleveland followed by Donovan McNabb to Philadelphia, but the two would not cross paths as rookies.

In 2012 Indianapolis, ironically looking to replace Manning with the first selection tabbed Andrew Luck with the first pick. Robert Griffin III was taken by Washington with the next selection to complete the one-two picks for the fifth time. The Colts and Redskins would not meet in 2012.

Now three years removed from Luck-Griffin the Titans and Buccaneers prepare to open the season against one another with Winston vs Mariota, the first and second selections of last April's draft.

What is also historic about today's matchup, it will mark the first time that the two quarterbacks taken first and second overall in their respective years draft will both be former Heisman Trophy winners.

In fact, of all the one-two quarterback draft years, only Plunkett and Griffin III were Heisman winners at all.

So how did the two previous rookie meetings between the top two picks turn out? 

Bledsoe, the number one in 93 lost to Mirer the number two 17-14. Bledsoe completed 20 of 44 attempts that day, for 238 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions while Mirer finished 12 of 16 for 117 with one touchdown and one interception.

In 98 Peyton Manning, the first pick would best Leaf 17-12. Manning completed 12 of 23 passes fir 137 yards with one touchdown and one interception while Leaf finished the day ironically with an identical 12 of 23 passing. Leaf's 160 passing yards topped Manning, though Leaf did not find the endzone but did throw one interception in the game.

For Marriota, he will become the first ever rookie quarterback in Titans franchise history to start on opening day.

Since Jackie Lee was taken by the Titans franchise 1960,- while the team was still the Houston Oilers- the franchise have had 9 other rookie quarterbacks, none of which have started a game before week three.

So how have rookie quarterbacks done in their debut for the Oiler/Titans organization?

Those rookies have compiled a 4-4-1 record in their first games as the starter for the team.

Lee won his first start in 1960 by defeating Denver. Bob Davis in 1967 also defeated Denver while Lynn Dickey provided the lone tie in 1971.

Dan Pastorini become the first rookie quarterback to lose his first game for the franchise, falling to Detroit in his debut in 1971.

It would be sixteen years before another quarterback would start a game for the franchise in his rookie campaign, but Brent Pease made a winner out of his team that day in 1987 when he defeated Denver.

Vince Young (2006), Rusty Smith (2010) and Zach Mettenberger (2014) all lost their first starts as rookies.

So who was the franchises last quarterback to win a game as a rookie starter?

Steve McNair turned the trick for the Oilers in 1995 when he defeated the Jets in his first career start in week 15. McNair finished that game 13 of 27 for 198 yards with one touchdown and on interceptions. He would later go on to be the first ever starting quarterback for the Titans encarnation of the franchise when the team officially opened the then Adelphia Coliseum- now Nissan Stadium- in Nashville in 1999.

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