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Josh McCown's injury could mean the Titans will face Johnny Manziel, but they won't know for sure until Sunday.

Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt speaks with the media on Monday following Sunday's win over Tampa Bay.




The Tennessee Titans head into week two of the NFL season facing a bit of an unknown as they prepare to battle the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in Cleveland.

Browns starting quarterback Josh McCown suffered a concussion early in week ones 31-10 loss to the New York Jets. His status for Sunday is uncertain as he is in the league mandated concussion protocal program. 

He was replaced by second year pro, and former first round selection Johnny Manziel. The former Heisman winner threw one touchdown pass, but committed three second half turnovers in the loss.

While Manziel is thought of as the scrambling quarterback and McCown more of a pocket type, head coach Ken Whisenhunt stated that McCown had been running around more in the tape he has seen of the Brown offense.

“I don’t necessarily think so, (Jsoh) McCown, he’s been running around a lot in the preseason from what I’ve seen, just because of crossover tape, but definitely two different styles of quarterbacking,” said Whisenhunt.

 Manziel has faced his share of adversity since entering the league, and while he is not a rookie, he has only played in six games in the NFL.

In those six gamds, Manziel has thrown for a total of 357 yards with 1 touchdown and three interceptions. He has been sacked six times and has a career passer rating of 55.5.

Of course all the stats in the world cannot predict the outcome of a football game, and it is very possible that Manziel could have the game of his life, but based on his play against the Jets, it would seem like the Titans are perhaps catching a break if McCown is out and Manziel is their quarterback on Sunday. 

The Titans will go about preparing the same way according to Whisenhunt, in that the team would practice and prepare to face both quarterbacks.

“. I think we’ll prepare as best we can for both,” said Whisenhunt. “You’d have to anyway, because even if you just prepared for one of them as the starter, the guy could go out first play. 

Cleveland handed the Titans perhaps the most crushing defeat of the 2014 season when the Titans blew a 25 point second half lead to the Browns in the second half of a game in Nashville. It was a game the Titans should have won, but didn’t.

“I hadn’t even thought about it from that standpoint. We were still so focused on Tampa, preparing for them and getting past that and now we move on to Cleveland. I don’t think that’s even really going to be something that we talk about. Said Whisenhunt. “It could have been any team that we took a big lead and didn’t finish. I don’t think that it has anything to do with the fact that it was Cleveland.”

“I think it’s hard to overlook that, because as you’re watching tape you see the scoreboard and you go, ‘Holy Cow, how did it get that way, concluded Whisenhunt.’ “So you certainly have to do a better job of finishing it, but yesterday we did a good job of finishing that game, so hopefully we’ll build off of that. “

Coming off an impressive performance and a season opening win, the Titans need to find a way to win in Cleveland to try to build on the momentum established against Tampa Bay.

The Titans will face the Browns at noon CST on Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.   

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